Traveling, Working & Living Abroad: Where to Start?

Video Notes below

-How much time do you have? 1 week, a few months, a few yrs?
-Pick a place! Making a note of a few places on your mind narrows down the search.
-How can I get there? Plane, road trip, boat/ cruise, horseback? haha
-What are the Visa Requirements? Can you just show up? What documents are needed for travelers/ people seeking a job? If you arrive as a tourist, can you change your visa to a working visa while there or should you do it in your home country/ out of the country? How much does the visa cost?
-What are the job requirements for the job type that I’m interested in? Do I need a degree/ certificate? What is the pay range?Should you search for a job before you go there or is it better/easier to get a job online before you go? Is there a demand/availability for this type of work? Is there a demand for bilinguals?
-What is life like in that country? Cost of living: housing, food & fun? What types of adventures can you go on there for fun and leisure? What is the community atmosphere like? What is the food like? Weather? Dress? My Website:
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