Travelling abroad for studies, get yourself insured

Travelling abroad for studies, get yourself insured
Student travel insurance can aid in easing your apprehensions and ensures that you are financially secured as a student abroad. Student travel insurance provides you the medical and non-medical insurance coverage for the tenure of your academic course …
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Save money and see more places when you travel abroad
Of course, you need to weigh the savings against how much longer your trip will be, but CleverLayover is so simple to use, it's worth taking a look (plus it pulls up Priceline's results in another window for you). Also, one drawback is you'll need to …
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What to do if you lose your passport while traveling abroad
… speaking with if you've been the victim of a crime. It's also important to let the officer know when you're planning on leaving the country — especially if it's soon — so they know whether to get you a limited validity emergency passport or full …
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10 Tips For Staying Safe when Traveling by Yourself Abroad
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In today’s blog, we’re covering tips for staying safe while traveling. Learn more and connect with Volunteer Global at,, and

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