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Fidel Castro Documentary Full - Fidel Castro Declassified - History Channel documentary

Fidel Castro Documentary Full – Fidel Castro Declassified – History Channel documentary

FIDEL CASTRO, perhaps the most important revolutionary to ever live, head of the cuban revolution and of Cuba as its President for more than a century. He survived assasination plots from the CIA and USA, and survived the demise of the Soviet Union to rule his country longer than any other dictator alive.

A life certainly worth exploring through the best Fidel Castro documentary full from the History Channel. Fidel Castro Decalssified,

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Water Splashing Festival – Wild China – BBC

The Water Splashing Festival heralds the New Year in the Dai Calendar. Held in the last ten days of the sixth month or early in the seventh month of the Dai Calendar (April), it usually lasts for three to five days. Amazing clip from the BBC Wild China series. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the BBC Earth YouTube channel
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Taxi Driver NYC Bronx EDC News, Electric Daisy Carnival Wild, Daniel Mann Famous Travel Channel.

Taxi Driver NYC Bronx EDC News, Electric Daisy Carnival Wild, Daniel Mann Famous Travel Channel.

Tittle : EDC Hot Girl.
Daniel Mann Juggling Taxi News, Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 Las Vegas, hot sexy girl and my favorite patients i mean passengers , are Jamming to Teddy Afro song Yastereryal music during EDC weak 2012 in Las Vegas dropping off at The Cosmo, The kids are now fans of Ethiopian Pop Reggae star Teddy Afro.

Daniel Mann is on Ethiopia Tv in Ethiopia Channel explaining Teddy Afro music in English, the video is a promotion for his new Album Black Mann.

Daniel Mann was interviewed on Dc Ethiopian Satellite Television, and radio explaining his love for the Ethiopian culture of dance Eskesta, and who he loves Teddy Afro music.
Travel Channel
Unrelated News, Daniel Mann is on The Travel Channel starting frome Dec 12 to Jan 12,2011 the show is called “America Caught On Camera :Vegas” Cabbie Mann Juggler: A Vegas Cab Driver stars entertaining his clients after a drop off by juggling and moving his hips to an Elvis song.

Below this is the clip the Travel Channel used for the show, : America Caught On Camera In Vegas.

Unrelated news:
This article is The most read in Las Vegas Review History.

CABBY: Driver says he hopes to get his own television show
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Or Google : Oct 16,2011
Las Vegas Review
Oct 16,2011

Daniel Mann looking for fame , Teddy Afro mention twice, By the writer.

Subject: Another “Only in Vegas” Moment | Las Vegas Blog

Another "Only in Vegas" Moment

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Daniel Mann Juggling Taxi News, Juggling to Teddy Afro music.
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I’m asking The world to play Teddy song , The song is called Yastesseryal, Bob Marly Bob Marly, by Teddy Afro, and Lambadina so please call. I personally dropped of two CD at these two radio stations in Las Vegas, so call them and tell them They have the CD’s, Thank you Daniel Mann.

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Daniel Mann Juggling Taxi News,
The word Eskesta means ” Dancing Shoulders” it’s the northern part of Ethiopia, it’s the Amhara tribe, their are different tribes of Amhara, Wollo, Gondar, Ext the great dance of Eskesta.

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Animals Documentary HELL ON EARTH – Animals out of Control!|NATGEO WILD Full Documentaries|

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A Super Channel Original Documentary about Marijuana, The Union is the most educational film I’ve ever seen on marijuana.
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Valley of the Wolves Wild Nature Documentary HD 2015 — Wolf Documentary

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