Cuban Baseball Postseason Flashes (1994) Industriales versus Villa Clara.

Some flashes of the 1994 Final between Industriales and Villa Clara.
Here you will see the serious injure of Industriales third baseman Lazaro Vargas (currently Industriales manager) and several moments of the Villa Clara center fielder “The Show is about me” Victor Mesa (currently manager of Matanzas and Cuba National team).
Here you will find Jorge Luis Toca, Rafael O. Acebey, Oscar Machado, Michel Perdomo, Eliecer Montes de Oca, Amado Zamora, Eduardo Paret, Eddy Rojas, Jorge Diaz, Angel Lopez, Osmani Garcia, Jorge Perez, Pedro Jova, Victor Mesa, Javier Mendez, Euclides Rojas, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, Ricardo Miranda, Roberto Colina, Juan Padilla, Lazaro Vargas, German Mesa, Lazaro Valle, Carlos Tabares, Jorge Fumero, Francisco Santiesteban
Full capacity stadiums in both provinces. Cuban Comedian Boncon QuiƱongo as part of the show.
Villa Clara would won it all in 7 games.

March 11st, 2013
This is a second time to have a match-up in this series.
Either of two teams can play in Championship Round at San Fransisco.