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Breakdown of video:
1:20 – Why go travelling?
2:02 – Ways to travel – organised trips/tours
3.25 – Ways to travel – Volunteering
4.30 – Ways to travel – make it up as you go along!
4.55 – Booking Flights
5.29 – STA Travel Appointments
6.00 – Getting around Thailand
7.14 – Get a tourist visa
7.45 – Travel insurance
8.10 – Phone insurance
8.30 – Copies of insurance and passport
8.45 – Jabs / Vaccinations
8.33 – What to take with you
12.25 – When is the best time to go?
13.02 – How much are things?
13.44 – How much money will i need?
15.00 – Things to try
15.42 – My favourite places in South East Asia
18.16 – Is there WIFI when you’re travelling?


Book your STA Travel Appointment:

Volunteering / teaching / tours:


Where we stayed for our first 2 nights in Bangkok (booked through STA):

Where we stayed in Chiang Mai for 3 nights:


Budget airline for cheap internal flights:

Booking Trains in advance:


Tourist Visa:
Travel insurance:
Checking out what jabs you need:


65l backpack –
Mini Backpacks –
BumBag –
Pair of Havaianas:

My blog post on my exact backpack contents:


The Gili Islands:


My blog post:

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A few tips & tricks we learned when travelling abroad. Some DOs & DONTs you learn the hard way and some you take from other peoples experience. Thank you to those people who gave us advice and we hope others find this helpful along their adventures adroad 🙂



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Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

Links Below. Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. I recorded this clip in Argentina, It’s not the greatest but a basic set of useful tips. Please note that I recorded this video in 2011, so electronic section is outdated but is still relevant.

To answer a few questions, YES they all fit on the bike 🙂 As for why i take a laptop with me on travels, I’m a web developer and it’s my job, so I need it. The small laptop that you see in the video was just an experiment to save weight but it just didn’t work for my needs so I bought a bigger one but not wanting to throw it away, I hauled it with me until I sold it. For the past 3 years, i’ve been using Lenovo Mobile WorkStations and they are bulletproof. If you need a laptop that can survive the bumps on the road, that’s what I would use. If you can find the W530 version, buy it, you won’t regret it. I can’t vouch for their newer ones though.

As for the big camera, I sold it long ago as it was just too heavy and awkward to use and a huge risk in poor countries. Every time I took it out, I was ready to get whacked so it became a headache. I take a small Panasonic point and shoot waterproof camera with me now and although the pictures are not the same, it does the job. At least I don’t fear for my life with every photo I take.

The GSM cell phone is still with me, even though I have a smartphone, just because fining regular sim cards are a lot easier than nano and mini nano sim cards and again, it doesn’t attract too much attention. And the battery last a week rather than 10 hours.

Of course, don’t get too caught up in the gadgets, every person has different needs, adjust yours accordingly.

To see the pictures of the bike loaded as many of you have asked before, just go to my old blog at and you’ll find heaps of them.

Hope you find this video informative if long. Check out the following links for the stuff you saw in this video.


If you have an older Japanese motorcycle, these guys are the best. Give them a shout.

The best tent for the budget. 8 years of heavy use and still standing

Cheap Quad band unlocked GSM cellphone that works everywhere

Garmin Nuvi GPS

Mountain Hardware 0 degrees Sleeping bag

Fiskar Axe

Ortlieb is my first choice but these dry bags are excellent as well.
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South East Asia travel guide – Tips and Tricks about backpacking

South East Asia is one of the most amazing and easiest places to backpack. Here’s a couple of tricks and heads up to make your trip as good as possible. Sleeping, transportation, shopping, food and weather. Check the video.

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