Medical tourism: Americans traveling for cheaper health care

The rising cost of health care is causing some Americans to find cheaper options abroad. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reports on one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry – medical tourism.

Thailand bombing won't crush tourism

Thailand bombing won't crush tourism
The short-term economic consequences of the recent bombing of the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok continue to be felt. But one lesson from past crises is that the Thai tourism sector will survive — and once again thrive. More than 20 nations have issued …
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'Scorpion Queen' of Thailand who covers her body every day with the deadly
This is definitely not a job for the feint-hearted, but for one Thai woman covering her body in deadly scorpions every day is a way of life. Officially known as the Scorpion Queen, the brave female wows tourists with her bizarre show of bravery at the …
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Meet The Couple Who Saved 000 In Two Years To Travel The World
In 2011, Mark and Britnee Johnston took their first big trip as a couple together, jetting halfway across the world to Vietnam. They had saved an entire year's worth of vacation days for the trip, which in typical American fashion, amounted to just two …
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Thailand Travel Guide and Tourism 2014 (HD)

Thailand Travel Guide and Tourism 2014 (HD)

Thailand Travel Guide, Thailand Tourism, Thailand Vacation
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
The jewel of the Southeast Asian travel circuit, Thailand offers astonishing diversity and a truly fascinating and accessible culture that, along with the revered Thai hospitality, makes it an incredibly popular destination.
With an enticing mixture of established destinations such as Phuket and Hua Hin, and out-of-the-way palm-fringed islands, Thailand has a very exotic appeal. It caters for grungy backpacking types wanting to party into the wee hours through to those who prefer white tablecloth dining and clinking wine glasses. From staying on a converted rice barge, clambering into a jungle tree house or bedding down in a hill tribe village, the country offers a wealth of choice for all tastes and budgets.
For divers, snorkelers, and those who just like swanning around on white-powder sand there are postcard-perfect beaches, and the extraordinary metropolis of Bangkok in the south, while the north offers the sublime delights of culture-packed Chiang Mai with its temple-studded old town, and cooling forests and mountain retreats.
One of the best ways to access Thai culture is through a ‘Monk chat’ session in a local wat (temple) in Chiang Mai, where you get the opportunity to quiz the dignified saffron-robed monks about anything you like. And in the early morning, all over the country, the monks leave the sanctuary of their wats to receive alms from the people, be it in a dusty village or on crowded city streets. Buddhism is a way of life here and the Thais are also strong supporters of their monarchy.
And don’t forget the food! A culinary adventure awaits with tempting morsels on virtually every street corner, from traditional Royal-project run restaurants to delicious piping hot street food. Eating is as much a part of the culture here as anything else and definitely the key to local hearts. If you’re lucky enough to catch a local festival, it will probably be dominated by food.
The most welcoming of countries, despite being inundated with tourists and expats, it’s the gentle hospitality of local people that is the strongest memory of Thailand for many visitors. And what a wonderful memory it makes.

Things to see and do
Northern Insight Meditation Centre

Thailand is a serene and thought-provoking place to do some meditation. This centre offers an intensive month-long course and there are strict rules to be observed. The beautiful leafy setting in Chiang Mai is ideal, but there are similar places all over the country; make enquiries at local temples.

Chiang Dao

Thailand’s highest limestone mountain can be found here amidst a jungle oasis with an excellent selection of local accommodation. A mystical warren of caves extending some 14km (8.7 miles) can be explored, and riding a bicycle is a relaxing way to explore the area around Chiang Dao.

Chiang Mai – Old City

The temple-studded old city of Chiang Mai with its leafy residential sois, towering city gates and crumbling walls is a highlight of the north. Exploration is best by bicycle with traffic surprisingly subdued in the city walls and there are plenty of places to stop for refreshment when escaping the heat of the day.
Doi Inthanon

Escape to the cooling heights of Thailand’s highest peak, where jungle walks, bird watching and simply shaking the heat of the simmering plains from your back awaits. There are good roads in the park making it easy to get around and waterfalls to splash about in.

Elephant Nature Park

Visiting an elephant sanctuary can be a wonderful experience especially if you stick to those, like this nature park, which genuinely care for the animals instead of just making them do ridiculous antics. Visitors can help wash and care for the elephants here and no riding is allowed.

JEATH War Museum

The moving JEATH War Museum (JEATH representing the first letter of Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, the countries who lost soldiers in the region) is located in the provincial capital, Kanchanaburi and features photographs and various other memorabilia from World War II.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

One of northern Thailand’s most sacred temples, Wat Suthep is perched high in the mountains overlooking the steamy metropolis of Chiang Mai below. As well as offering astounding views the temple, established in the 14th century, has a wonderful collection on Lanna Art and architecture.

Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World

Dive with the sharks in the aquarium at Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World (, and live to tell the tale. There’s a daily feeding of sharks and penguins and the deep reef zone is a fascinating glimpse into a magical underwater world.

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Thailand, also called the Land of Smiles, is the most popular tourist destination in South-East Asia due to its wealth of natural beauty, culture and history, .

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Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Tourism [Fascinating Destination] Vietnam Tours 2014 – 2015

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Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter S. China borders it to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, the East Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south.

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Cambodia Travel Guide and Tourism 2014 (HD)

Cambodia Travel Guide, Cambodia Tours, Cambodia Vacation
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Cambodia things to see and do
Angkor, the former capital of the ancient Khmer Empire, is one of the greatest and most spectacular Hindu religious sites in the world. Construction of this elaborate temple complex – built in honour of the god Vishnu – began in AD 879 during the reign of King Suryavarman II and was completed in 1191. It lay concealed for many years, however, until the site was discovered by Frenchman Henri Mahout in 1860. The central complex, Angkor Wat, features an elaborate, unmortared 66-metre (215-foot) central tower surrounded by four smaller towers. Stretching around the outside of the temple complex is an 800m-long (2625ft) bas-relief, the longest in the world. This is Cambodia’s most iconic sight, and particularly popular at sunset among tour groups. The temple is so synonymous with the country that it dominates the national flag, and to visit it today is to marvel at the scale of its ambition, built as it was in the 12th century.

Another of the most distinctive Angkor temples, Bayon is characterised by a series of colossal stone faces, gazing out serenely in all four directions, as well as some painstakingly detailed bas-reliefs. Bayon was built at a similar time to Angkor Wat.

Bokor Hill Station
An abandoned French hill station in the south of the country, Bokor was built originally as a weekend sanctuary for settlers stuck in stifling Phnom Penh. Today, the hotel and casino complex stands as an eerily derelict reminder of days gone by.

Cycling around Angkor
Hire a bike and spend a few days exploring the myriad glories of the jungled Angkor Temple Complex. The showpiece architecture of Angkor Wat makes it the best known of the temples, but there are dozens of others to discover.
Dolphin spotting

The claim to fame of the Mekong town of Kratie is its population of Irrawaddy river dolphins. Various tour operators organise early-morning boat trips to observe these peaceful creatures in their natural habitat.

Feast on fresh seafood
Cambodia’s coastline offers the chance for the archetypal Asian beach experience, but no amount of sea and sand is complete without sampling its ocean-fresh seafood. The stretch around Kampot and Kep is excellent for just-caught crab.
Fire a rocket-launcher

Not your standard tourist activity, but then Cambodia’s not your standard tourist destination – for a price, visitors can take control of high-grade weaponry on countryside shooting ranges. Machine guns can also be hired.

The southern town provides a gateway to exploring the Cham villages and sweeping vistas of the surrounding countryside. If you’re looking to travel in an unrushed fashion and to get acquainted with another side of the country, this is as good a base as any.

National Museum
Set in Phnom Penh, the National Museum ( is the country’s leading archaeological and historical museum. It plays home to what is one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of Khmer art, including bronzes, sculptures and ceramics. It was constructed by the French in 1917.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary
A large park south of Phnom Penh given over to animals retrieved from poachers and traffickers. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes tigers, elephants and gibbons, and it offers an effective way of learning more about Cambodian fauna.

Revisit history
To get a clearer understanding of the brutal reign of Pol Pot, visit the Killing Fields outside Phnom Penh. It makes for a sobering experience, but a salutary one in terms of learning more about the realities the country faced.

Royal Palace
Phnom Penh’s showpiece attraction was built in the 1860s, and makes for a spectacular sight with its stupas, murals and towering spires. The adjoining Silver Pagoda houses a number of precious Buddha statues, while the tropical plants of the palace gardens have appeal in their own right.

Shop for silver
Prized locally since the 11th century, silver is today one of the most sought-after Cambodian souvenirs. Coming in the form of anklets, jewellery and other decorative items, it’s known for being fashioned with real care and artistry.

The port city’s main draw is its relaxed beach atmosphere, a laid-back counterpoint to the more visited coastal areas of neighbouring Thailand. It takes its name from King Norodom Sihanouk, one of the main agitators for independence from France.

Ta Prohm

Take an elephant ride

Traveling Cambodia: Phnom Penh

After exploring Siem Reap (we loved it there), we booked a flight to Sihanoukville in the south, though we couldn’t wait for the monsoon rains to subside, which are especially heavy on the southern coast. We’re getting short on travel time, so instead we headed to Phnom Penh, the bus was cheap and comfortable. Phnom Penh is our last destination before crossing the border into Vietnam.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us!

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