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In this video I answer a question from one my readers who asked:

Hi Evans am thinking of starting a tour company that would also source accommodation for its clients and would take clients to any destination in kenya for a reasonable fee.I have carried out a research to find out how we need to introduce ourselves in the market and also researched on things like competition and how to stand out from the rest also marketing whereby we need to network with agencies abroad and also from the east so that they can be sending us clients for a commission.I have contacted a few of them through the internet and they are positive.
Our target group is local and international tourists,honeymooners,corporates having trips and team building activities.
Our international airport here in nairobi also gets tourists who have no idea which tour company is taking care of them so the taxi drivers at the airport are also our target whereby when they bring clients we shall give them a commission based on the package the clients are taking.
So it is a noble idea but the financial part to implement it is a problem.Am passionate about it because i have worked in the hospitality industry all my life so at least i got experience and the know how.
I hope you will also like the idea.
Kind regards,

Christine Githaiga.
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Thailand Tour

Sport You Should Try

With all the glorious mountain formation that Thailand is blessed with, it has been discovered that it is one of the most ideal places to go rock climbing. Although it is usually a sport for adventure tourists, rock-climbing is definitely something everyone should try. Rock-climbing is not an organized sport so there are no rules to learn and there are no points to earn. It’s just you, some wires and some big old rocks to conquer. Not to mention, the view from the climbing points is said to be phenomenal.

Thailand has been such a popular place for rock-climbing that companies that oversee the rock-climbing sport. There would be no need to worry about lack of equipment or instruction because many specialty companies on rock-climbing are available in Thailand.

See The Elephants

Elephants are endemic in Thailand and are also a big part of its culture. It would be a waste to visit the country without seeing them once and experiencing why they are culturally significant. Elephants have attracted so a great deal on tourists that the country already has elephant parks to house them. The best thing about these elephant parks is that tourists are frequently permitted to interact with these magnificent animals.

Spots For Great Tours

Thailand is rich in several natural phenomena and formation that are worth looking at. A standout nature point for the country is its rainforests. The rainforests are usually viewed by amazing ziplines that cut across the canopy layers of the rainforests. It sounds like a dream tour and the rainforests that you are now imagining may pale in comparison. This is yet another reason why Thailand is a place worth visiting. The beaches and the rock formations are there, but the rainforests are really something to behold.

The Festival

Imagine Thailand, the beautiful country that it is, during summer. Being a true part of Asia, summers in Thailand are extremely hot. The country’s culture itself, however, remedies this. The Songkran festival is celebrated during one of the hottest months of the year, April and in this festival, throwing water on as many people as possible is customary. However, the Songkran festival is not all about bathing even complete strangers in water. It also celebrates the starts of a new Solar Year.

Hotel Club Kawama, Varadero, Cuba, grounds tour, 2015 update

Hotel Club Kawama, Varadero, Cuba, grounds tour, 2015 update

The food was better this year at the resort. I show a steak I was served at the Italian a la carte which was the most tender I have had in Cuba in 9 visits, including all the Varadero restaurants we have eaten at. I like to try Varadero restaurants for fun but the food was just as good at Kawama.

Playa Blanca HOLGUIN CUBA 2014 BEACH VILLAGE PHOTO TOUR Cuban Life on Costa Verde

HOLGUIN CUBA VACATION BEACH VILLAGE PHOTO TOUR 2014 Playa Blanca Farming / Fishing Village Cuban Houses (Casas de Cuba) Life in Cuba Campos HD PHOTO TOUR: a Cuba Documentary via Cuba Vacation Hotel Don Lino Resort Costa Verde mear Playa Pesquero– Videos de Cuba 2014 by CJM (the Hemingway Wannabe)

MUSIC: Richard Freitas, “Lullaby For Bunny” from AudioSwap

Many rural Cubans show pride and spirit by painting their houses and adding little touches to their yards. It doesn’t seem to matter here that you are dirt poor, when you have family and community. Some say Latin Americans are proud to be rich in spirit. It’s called, “arielismo “.Unlike Buddhists, the poor of rural Cuba may have evolved a nobility in non-materialism the hard way.

HOLGUIN CUBA 2015 GUARDALAVACA BEACH Farm Life in Cuba Documentary HD Photo Study Tour # 4 of Aguada la Piedra Real Cuban farmers houses (casas de Cuba) shacks, and huts via Hotel Club Amigo Atlantico & the Brisas– a Vacation “Video de Cuba” by Colin James McKinlay

Many of the Cuban houses (casas de Cuba) of this Guardalavaca Holguin Cuba rural coastal farmland below Aguada la Piedra were flattened twice by Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Sandy. My Cuba documentary photo tours speak to the warmth of these proud Cuban people who welcomed me into their homes

MUSIC: matthiaswichtrup, “Black Cat”– YT Audio
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Septeto Nacional, one of Cuba’s greatest musical treasures now in it’s third generation, performs “Echale Salsita”.
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Scenes of the Miami Design District’s Art Fusion Galleries opening night reception of “Timeless Treasures”. Emerging artists from the U.K., Morocco, Cuba, and of course the United States converge in Miami to showcase their unique creations.
Click on the link for more info about Art Fusion Galleries.
Click on the link for more info about Creative Moments Media.
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Cuba Railfan Tour – Hershey Electric Railway 1920 Brill Cars

Cuba Railfan Tour - Hershey Electric Railway 1920 Brill Cars

A ride on the 1920 Brill electric railway cars of the Hershey Electric Railway in Cuba.
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They rumble down city boulevards and country roads across Cuba: 1950s Fords, Buicks and Pontiacs, some in mint condition, others on the verge of collapse.
But a new law regulating property ownership in Cuba could change that.
At the recent four-day summit of the country’s Communist Party, President Raul Castro announced that the legal framework allowing people to buy and sell cars and homes was in the “final stages.”
What will this mean to the average Cuban?
He didn’t provide details, but many Cubans hope it will be the end of half a century of restrictions. Under current law, they can only freely buy and sell cars that were on the road in Cuba before Fidel Castro’s 1959 Revolution.
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Furious World Tour | Cuba – Cigars, Rum, Salsa Dancing, Seafood and More

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