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What’s in my bag May 1st, 2011
Travelling Abroad what to take with you
Image by Do8y
That’s my first shot of my bag since I succumbed to the charm of Timbuk2. The fact is that I initially did not want a Timbuk2, but Crumpler, which was my initial choice didn’t have bags that small. So after a long search I decided to take a second look at Timbuk2. It turned out that the initial design, which I didn’t like at all was changed. Before the Timbuk2 bags were a big stuff-it-all area and a small pouch kind of hanging above that, which were the smaller pockets. I examined very carefully their bags online (yes, believe it or not, there is no store in Zurich, Switzerland officially distributing them). I fell in love with the new X-small design and the possibility to customise the colours.

Actually what was my primary goal is to have a very small but highly functional bag, which while limiting the amount of things I lug around will allow easy access to every item I manage to stuff in it.

The above might look much, but it really doesn’t feel like this when it’s in the bag and you really have to see my earlier bags if you think this is heavy.

Oh, iPad owners note this – your iPad will perfectly fit in that back (slash) pocket of the X-small Timbuk2 bags, even if it is in a small sleeve (mine, a Tucano, is not shown on the above picture).

So here is what I ordered:
Custom Messenger
size: X-small
ballistic nylon spinach / ballistic nylon limeade / ballistic nylon blue
binding: navy
logo: navy
liner: orange
slash pocket
reflector tabs
right handed

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(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

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Film Synopsis:
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Whether you decide to use your credit card back home or you take a travel cash card, there are highs and lows of both options!

Here are some links to popular travel cash cards. Do some research and notice which countries they are accepted in and any small print!
Check also to see if your post office offers a good deal!

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