Survival English for travelling

Prepare yourself in English for your next trip. This interactive video lesson prepares you for restaurants, shopping, taxis, money and health and communication problems.

Print out the travel expressions here
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Coachella Music Festival Survival Tips | AndreasChoice


Song: BY KARBON COPY: “You da One” Remix
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This was requested because of Coachella coming up =) thanks for watching. Thank you to my best friends that go with me everywhere x) I love you all ..but you knew that 😉 Feel free to leave your own tips below in the comment section! Thumbs up for some spring tutorials!

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Elly Awesome Loves The Survival Tabs!

Phone: 1-855-262-8297

The Survival Tabs are a proven meal replacement that provides your daily nutritional needs with a 15-day supply of rations. Ideal for emergency/disaster preparedness or when a reliable food source is not readily available. Situations such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes, when relief efforts are uncertain. The Survival Tabs provide the margin of survival necessary to sustain oneself in dire circumstances.

They can be stored in your home, glove box of your car, with your recreational outdoor equipment, or your emergency/disaster preparedness kit. The Survival Tabs are a lightweight, life-sustaining food ration. State of the art development has made it possible for The Survival Tabs to combine essential nutrients with important foods into a nutrient-dense food concentrate.

When traveling abroad, where food safety and nutrition are a concern, The Survival Tabs can safeguard against possible gastrointestinal distress and other issues caused by eating local foods you may not be accustomed to. Always know that The Survival Tabs will give you 100% nutrition for sustainability and peace of mind where ever your destination may be. Presently, The Survival Tabs are being used by pilots, yachtsmen, outdoorsmen, firemen, and military personnel as a quick and convenient source of nutrition. They are also popular with cyclists, gamers, marathon runners, scout masters, survivalist, long-distance truckers and office workers alike, who often miss a meal and need a sustainable energy snack.
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Year Abroad Survival

I hope this helps if you’re going on a year abroad

Useful Websites: – Advice, tips, and help for anyone going on a year abroad – Information about the erasmus scheme for people going anywhere in Europe – for keeping in touch!

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South America:

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Oh hello,
As i sit here typing, I have a massive grin on my face. I’ve just been a recipient of ” a random act of kindness” and its really cheered me up. (I was vlogging at the time, so it’ll be in my next vlog!)

Anyhoo, hows erryybody? Its been a WHILE!

I finally got to sit down and talk to you guys, let me know if you enjoyed the video or nahh and i’ll upload the 2nd and 3rd part depending on wether people actually enjoy this.

Later babes.

Survival Gear for Traveling Abroad

In this episode we go over some equipment we take when traveling outside the country as well as some footage of the adventures we had in Turks and Caicos. Please like, share, and subscribe.




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Want to Live Abroad? Here are some TIPS!


Hey, I get lots of questions from people who want to live abroad and gain more of an international experience doing so… here are my tips! I’ve lived in Paris, London, Lagos and now Dubai, so Im fairly experienced hehe! Check out my blog (link below for more travel updates!)

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Traveling While Black: 4 Survival Tips for Black Women Traveling Abroad

Interested in traveling abroad? Worried about what to expect?

I share with you 4 tips on how to survive travelling and living abroad. The advice is aimed towards Black women, but is applicable to everyone. Hope you enjoy!

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The Most Extraordinary Jungle Survival Story of World War 2 (Full Documentary)

The Most Extraordinary Jungle Survival Story of World War 2 (Full Documentary) . 2013 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries show…
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