Hostels can be a challenge to enjoy at times. Here’s my TOP 5 Travel Essentials for Surviving a Stay at a Hostel. See what travel accessories I pack in my travel bag and can’t live without.

1. Powerstrips & Multichargers: These days, chargers with USB ports are also handy to have. This charging port by Belkin is the next step, although it’s a little clunky and weighty despite its photo appearance:

2. Flashlight

3. Flip & Tumble expandable bags:

4. S-Hook

5. Sea to Summit Silk Liner Traveler:

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Travel Survival | Solo Travel | Live with GRRR!

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8 SOLO TRAVEL TIPS : STAYING SAFE when Traveling Alone

8 SOLO TRAVEL TIPS : STAYING SAFE when Traveling Alone

8 Solo Travel Safety Tips for Women. Avoid scams, pickpocketing, dealing with strangers and travel theft abroad with these 8 tips for solo travel.

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8 Tips for Solo Travel

1. Be Aware of your Surroundings.

2. Hold your Valuables Close to your Body

3. Act Confident

4. Trust your Gut

5. Avoid sharing personal information with strangers

6. Avoid Dark and LonelyPlaces at Night

• Simple Objects can be used as weapons

7. Dress Appropriately

8. Research the Country

• Research Safe Countries to travel to (especially if it’s your first solo trip)

• Check Travel Alerts & Warnings

• Be informed about common scams and dangers of the country

For more solo travel tips on how to avoid pickpockets and thieves,


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International roaming service ? Most effective tool for staying connected while travelling abroad

Benefits you get with international SIM cards

Numerous international telecommunication companies like Clay Telecom, Virgin Mobile, Telstra, etc, offer global services for international travelers. Most of them provide both prepaid and postpaid connections with either free or cheap international roaming service. These are country specific SIM cards, which mean you can easily use them in the specific countries they are meant for. With the help of global SIM cards, you can receive unlimited free calls, SMS and MMS. You can utilize unlimited talk time with the postpaid connection or the limited talk time provided with prepaid connections. If you want to access Internet from any destination, you can go for the high end models of phone Like Blackberry with global roaming. This is a great service for those who travel for business purposes as they can easily stay connected with their important office mails for an instant response. With so many options available for communications including calls, messages, multimedia messages, and e-mailing services you can conveniently stay in touch with all your friends and family members.

Reasons behind the popularity of international SIM cards amongst the globetrotters

One of the most important features of international mobile telephony service that makes it so popular amongst the globetrotters is the fact that these global services help one to save lots of money. People can easily save up to 80% of the charges spent on international roaming services. By using any other means of communications like using your home mobile phone / hotels telephone or even local telephone booths you would eventually end up spending lots of money on your phone bills. Another cheaper option is to use online communication tools like sending e-mails and chatting / through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or through making international calls via skype. Though the online options are cheaper but they do not guarantee constant connectivity especially during emergency situations. Therefore, one can say that amongst all these options for international connectivity, global SIM cards are the best. Moreover, while travelling abroad nobody wants to spend extra money on communication tools. This is where the convenience and cost-effectiveness of international SIM cards with free global roaming comes into use.

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10 Tips For Staying Safe when Traveling by Yourself Abroad
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In today’s blog, we’re covering tips for staying safe while traveling. Learn more and connect with Volunteer Global at,, and

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Travelling Abroad – Top Tips for staying fit & healthy during long distance travel

Whether for sailing, work or for a holiday, more and more of us are embarking on long haul travel these days.

It’s certainly all part and parcel of an Olympic sailing campaign, with the British Sailing Team regularly having to rack up the air miles to get to major training and competition destinations around the world.

Long haul travel can pose some health challenges, whether you’re an elite athlete, a holidaymaker or a business traveller, so here our sport science team and Olympic silver medallists Nick Dempsey and Hannah Mills share their top tips for staying fit for the long haul.
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For many of us, travelling abroad with our bikes unlocks a world of amazing riding opportunities, not matter how great the roads are at home. Here are our tips to help you travel with your bike.
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Having your bike in good condition when you arrive is partly down to how you pack it, which we’ve covered in three videos previously, but also what state it’s in before you go. We’d always recommend giving it a thorough service before you go. Your time is precious when travelling, so minimise any fuss by having a sweetly running bike.

Of course there could always be a problem when you’re out there, so take a basic tool kit with you, including a track pump if you have the room.

Having done a lot of traveling with bikes, and now camera kit, we’d always recommend thoroughly researching your airline’s weight restriction and bike policies.

Finally, don’t forget your currency and sunscreen!

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Travel Scams: Tips for staying safe abroad

World travel expert Doug Lansky shares some tips on how to stay safe while traveling abroad and how to avoid some of the scams out there.
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