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Women take to social media with hashtag #Viajosola to defend right to travel alone
A Spanish hashtag #Viajosola (I travel alone) is sweeping the internet as thousands of women speak up to defend their choice of travelling solo, following the deaths of two Argentinian backpackers. The bodies of Marina …. Triangle279 said: 'I …
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Zika prompts study abroad concerns
Before Georgia State student Victoria Brown embarked on a study abroad trip to Ecuador this spring break, she received several warnings from Georgia State about the virus. … The opening of the "Contortion" act featuring the Buryat Contortionist Group.
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Miami women's basketball getting the respect it deserves
The Canes are travelling a distance of 2,574 miles to open tournament play on the other side of the country. … “This group went to Paris and Amsterdam and Belgium (early in the season) so we'll be fine,” said Meier, noting the team's preseason trip …
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How to start a tour company – SUPPORT ME 🙂

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In this video I answer a question from one my readers who asked:

Hi Evans am thinking of starting a tour company that would also source accommodation for its clients and would take clients to any destination in kenya for a reasonable fee.I have carried out a research to find out how we need to introduce ourselves in the market and also researched on things like competition and how to stand out from the rest also marketing whereby we need to network with agencies abroad and also from the east so that they can be sending us clients for a commission.I have contacted a few of them through the internet and they are positive.
Our target group is local and international tourists,honeymooners,corporates having trips and team building activities.
Our international airport here in nairobi also gets tourists who have no idea which tour company is taking care of them so the taxi drivers at the airport are also our target whereby when they bring clients we shall give them a commission based on the package the clients are taking.
So it is a noble idea but the financial part to implement it is a problem.Am passionate about it because i have worked in the hospitality industry all my life so at least i got experience and the know how.
I hope you will also like the idea.
Kind regards,

Christine Githaiga.
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How To Teach English Abroad – Where to start ?

How To Teach English Abroad - Where to start ?

How to teach English abroad:

Are you ready for an adventure? You want to see the world, surround yourself with a foreign culture, and sharpen your foreign language skills and earn your travel budget?
I taught English in Chengdu, China. And it was an amazing experience!

Where to start when you want to teach English abroad ?

The easiest way to collect information about the country, school, requirements, local rules and regulations are found on the internet. Just use your Google search bar and research all well before you start working.

Using the internet to find information and learn about getting the required certification, can be done before you leave home for you destination. It’s the safest way to be sure to arrive with the legal certification.

If you are not planning a long time ahead, like I did, you can start your search on the location as well. Just ask around in local shops and schools. I found a family whose 11 year old daughter wanted to learn the English basics. Things like counting from one to 100, practicing the alphabet and learning separate words was what they wanted me to teach her.

This illustrates that almost everyone is able to teach English abroad and be an English (private) teacher. Just be sure that you can deliver what is acquired.

Beware of official contracts when you are planning to take the official way, teaching on public or private schools! You need to be sure you understand it from A to Z before you put your signature below.

Teaching English abroad can be a life changing experience!
Go for it and remember, if I can do it, you can do it better ☺

Do you know that the age of the internet makes it easier to learn, earn and teach online, from every destination in the world, while you save time to travel, hang out with local people and learn about the foreign culture?

If you want to learn more about other ways of teaching abroad, using the internet and your laptop earning an income online, visit

I will sent you information when you trust me with your name and email at the form you will see after visiting

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Traveling, Working & Living Abroad: Where to Start?

Video Notes below

-How much time do you have? 1 week, a few months, a few yrs?
-Pick a place! Making a note of a few places on your mind narrows down the search.
-How can I get there? Plane, road trip, boat/ cruise, horseback? haha
-What are the Visa Requirements? Can you just show up? What documents are needed for travelers/ people seeking a job? If you arrive as a tourist, can you change your visa to a working visa while there or should you do it in your home country/ out of the country? How much does the visa cost?
-What are the job requirements for the job type that I’m interested in? Do I need a degree/ certificate? What is the pay range?Should you search for a job before you go there or is it better/easier to get a job online before you go? Is there a demand/availability for this type of work? Is there a demand for bilinguals?
-What is life like in that country? Cost of living: housing, food & fun? What types of adventures can you go on there for fun and leisure? What is the community atmosphere like? What is the food like? Weather? Dress? My Website:
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