Solo Backpacking South East Asia ( Thailand and Laos)

I had a Blast!

Bangkok- 0:36
Chiang Mai- 1:30
Chiang Rai- 2:01
Chiang Khong (Slow Boat)- 2:26
Huay Xai- 3:20
Luang Prabang- 4:49
Vientiane- 5:44
Nong Khai- 7:10
Bangkok- 7:29

Song: “It’s time” by Imagine Dragons

Song: “Best day of my life” by American Authors

Shot with: GoPro Hero 3 Black

8 SOLO TRAVEL TIPS : STAYING SAFE when Traveling Alone

8 SOLO TRAVEL TIPS : STAYING SAFE when Traveling Alone

8 Solo Travel Safety Tips for Women. Avoid scams, pickpocketing, dealing with strangers and travel theft abroad with these 8 tips for solo travel.

For a more detailed post of safety tips, please visit the link above

8 Tips for Solo Travel

1. Be Aware of your Surroundings.

2. Hold your Valuables Close to your Body

3. Act Confident

4. Trust your Gut

5. Avoid sharing personal information with strangers

6. Avoid Dark and LonelyPlaces at Night

• Simple Objects can be used as weapons

7. Dress Appropriately

8. Research the Country

• Research Safe Countries to travel to (especially if it’s your first solo trip)

• Check Travel Alerts & Warnings

• Be informed about common scams and dangers of the country

For more solo travel tips on how to avoid pickpockets and thieves,


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Solo Backpacking Southeast Asia 2015 (GoPro) | our story – mako

My initial plan was to travel for not more than 50 days, but end up of 99 days.

Bangkok-Siem reap-Phnom penh-Saigon-Nha trang- Hoi an-Hue-Cat ba island- Hanoi-Vientaine-Luangprabang-Chiang rai-Chiang mai-Bangkok-Penang-Langkawi-Kuala Lumpur-Cameron HIghlands-Kuala Lumpur-Bali-Lombok-Bali-Bangkok-Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay-Chiang Mai

Music: Mako – Our Story [Exclusive Premiere]
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What’s in my bag for my backpacking trip around Southeast Asia.

My backpack review:
What’s in my toiletry bag:

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100 Days of Solo Backpacking South East Asia – GoPro

Watch in HD!

A short video from the footage I took whilst traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore & Myanmar (Burma).

Shot on an old school, very beaten up GoPro HD Hero 2.
6 countries and 3.5 months of travelling in 7 minutes.

Places on the trip (rough order):
Yangon (Rangoon),
Lake Inle,
Chiang Mai,
Chiang Khong,
Slowboat along the Mekong river,
Luang Prabang,
Vang Vieng,
Ha Long Bay (Castaways),
Mai Chau Valley,
Top Gear trail,
Hoi An,
Mui Ne,
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon),
Koh Phangan,
Khao Sok National Park,
Koh Phi Phi,
Phnom Penh,
Koh Rong,
Siem Reap,
Angkor Wat,

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.
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How Is It To Travel Alone & Stay In Hostels? (Solo Travel)

How Is It To Travel Alone & Stay In Hostels? (Solo Travel) ►►Be SAFE & USE COMMON SENSE when traveling! 🙂
Studying abroad is also one of the best ways to travel!
►Previous video I did on traveling alone. DEFINITELY check it out!:

update: Because I traveled alone I was highlighting the benefits of traveling alone in this video. I’ve done lots of traveling in the past with friends / family, and If you haven’t done much traveling, I’d say then probably DEFINITELY travel with friends / family then. Traveling is a very new experience. I was just saying there is lots of growth that can happen if you travel alone as you fully rely on yourself. However, you will have TONS of growth traveling with friends too. Traveling with companions is always very very fun and not as overwhelming as traveling solo. Most likely safer too.
Also, if traveling alone, be safe! Use common sense! Really research where you will be! You should be fine, but you never know! Especially for solo female travelers, be really intelligent and don’t trust anyone!

This travel alone adventure for me though has definitely been one of the highlights of my life so far tho for sure! Really had a blast, was an adventure, and learned a lot about my self and the world 🙂 Highly highly recommend traveling!!

Another thing that surprised me is how many other solo travelers there are here that I’m meeting. More people than I thought enjoy traveling alone. It’s an awesome experience that I really think everyone should do at least once in their life.

I used the “Hostel World” app on my phone to find / book the hostels. So far I’ve stayed in amazing places. I highly recommend that app because it has ratings and reviews for each hostel so you can get a feel for them beforehand and find the top notch ones. For the best ones, sometimes it’s best to book a little early. Hostels can really vary. They can go from being kind of dirty and have weird people.. to being extremely nice and incredibly welcoming and social. So do a little research!

Out of all the places that I’ve been to, I’d say the best place to go to for your first solo traveling adventure is Prague. It’s very walkable, tourist friendly, and easy to figure out. Lots of cool things to see too. Prague is lot of fun! I don’t recommend staying there for very long because it’s kind of a small city.. but it was a blast for 4 days .For people who’ve never traveled before, I’d highly recommend Prague as your first solo travel destination. Then take a train to a couple other European cities.


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“There is only one way and that is your way. You seek the path? I warn you away from my own. It can also be the wrong path for you. May each seek out his own way.” — Carl Jung

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