AJ Eats – Havana: Cuba’s Food Revolution

We visit Havana to find out how politics affects food and how recent changes are being reflected in Cuban cuisine.

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PART 5/8; Canciones e Imagenes de Cuba en los 50s.El Bodeguero:Richard Egues/Orquesta Aragon ;
Echale Salsita/Ignacio Pineiro ;Nadie Baila como Yo/Roberto Faz:;La Bayamesa de Sindo Garay/Cachao
Brujo de Guanabacoa /Marcelino Guerra y Mario Bauza.
Peliculas de bodegas,supermercados;show de tropicana
Universidad de la Habana;Anuncios de la epoca….

Viva la Revolution de Cuba.wmv

Petite commemoration d’un homme et sa conviction de faire la lutte a l’imperialisme ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA
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From the Cuban Revolution in 1959 to the restoration of diplomacy in 2015, we look back at the strained history of the United States and Castro’s Cuba.

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After The Revolution – Trailer

Visionary hero or stubborn idealist? We re-assess Castro’s legacy by talking to the ordinary people whose lives his policies dictate.

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Visionary hero or stubborn idealist? As Cuba goes to the polls in a national election, this documentary offers a grassroots assessment of Castro’s legacy. Can Cuba make a slow transition to a more open society?

For many Cubans dreams of a Socialist utopia have all but vanished. Even Raul Castro accepts that the economy must reform. Yet whilst critics lambaste Castro’s regime as a Communist dictatorship, its society defined by “political prohibition”, Cubans have also seen real benefits, running some of the best healthcare, education and agriculture programmes in the world.

Small Planet
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Cuba Revolution

Cuba Revolution

Vídeo Vencedor na Categoria – Internet
Roteiro: 2 Série E – Ensino Médio Sacramentinas
Animação: Wilson Melo – wms
Edição: Wilson Melo – wms

HD Stock Footage Fidel Castro Cuba Revolution Betrayed

True HD Direct Film Transfers – NO UPCONVERSIONS!

A Revolution Betrayed 1950’s
Cuban Revolution by the rebel revolutionaries of the “26th of July Movement” led by Fidel Castro. Secretary of State Christian A. Herter in press conference with Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba. Cuban women marching with rifles. Cuban soldiers in formation. Three revolutionaries on top of Military Prison, shows political prisoners. Castro raves and rants as he speaks. Castro troops march toward camera, pan down to feet of marchers. Cuban rebel revolutionaries in mountain camp, cooking animal over open fire. Fidel Castro with three of his men holding weapons. Raul Castro at camp with 26th of July Movement armband. Fidel and Raul Castro, Raul wearing 26th July armband. Red Chinese officer pins medal on Raul Castro.

Shows Ernesto Che Guevara in rebel mountain camp. Cuban peasants farmers marching with banners and knives. Political prisoners in ox cart being pulled by team of oxen. Premier Castro seated behind desk. Rebel Army Captain Antonio Nunez Jimenez, Director of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA) greets Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev of Russia. Premier Castro ranting and raving as he speaks into microphone spewing hate. Adolf Hitler ranting and raving as he speaks. Book burning in Nazi Germany after Hitler came to power. Scenes of Cuban Military prison and prisoners. Scenes of Cuban Military Judges. Political prisoner executed, shot by firing squad, falls backward into grave. Five Judges of Cuban Supreme Court arrives in Buenos Aires choosing exile rather than serve cause of tyranny.

Cuban Military Prison riot. Russian tank crushing uprising in satellite country. Red Chinese Communist visitors to Cuba warmly greeted. Army truck convoy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army enter Tibet. Crates of Red Chinese weapons furnished to Cuba. Cubans operate anti-aircraft gun.

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Yoani Sánchez – Cuba’s Underground Revolution

Yoani Sánchez’s speech at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum. This talk is in Spanish – you can activate English subtitles by pressing the settings button. See more talks like this at www.oslofreedomforum.com and follow @OsloFF for updates.

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A short film looking at the success of organic urban agriculture in Havana, Cuba. An example for cities around the world. A PUDDLEPICTURES production.
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Cuba: The Accidental Revolution – Part 1 (Bullfrog Films clip)

Directed by Ray Burley
Produced by CBC’s “The Nature of Things”

Examines Cuba’s response to the food crisis created by the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1989.


Cuba’s Wifi Revolution

Cuba's Wifi Revolution

Cuba will offer Wi-Fi connections at 35 public spaces around the nation, which has one of the lowest internet usage rates in the world. The internet access expansion will also make costly internet service more affordable. The move comes after the US and Cuba announced their plan to resume diplomatic ties last month. We take a look at Cuba’s effort to increase connectivity on the Lip News with Jose Marcelino Ortiz and Jo Ankier.


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