The Most Evil Female Serial Killer In History , Crime Documentary 2016

The Most Evil Female Serial Killer In History , Crime Documentary 2016

The Most Evil Female Serial Killer In History , Crime Documentary 2016
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Cold Market Prospecting Series Video 4 – 3 Most Common Questions

Welcome to video 4 in our 4 part series on cold market prospecting.

If for some reason you missed the past three weeks, make sure you cruise on back to our site and review:

• Week one on “Preparation”
• Week 2 on “What to say”
• Week 3 on “Fearless Follow up.”

Michelle and I discussed (Yes it’s Adam again, she let me write another blog, yay for me!) what we believed would be the best topic this week for you, and we decided to cover three very common questions we hear regarding the cold market.

1. I don’t want to talk to friends and family, can I be successful just in the cold market?

2. Should I set aside time to prospect in the cold market?

3. Where should I go to meet new people?

If you have any of these questions yourself, make sure to review this week’s video and please share, like and comment on social media. Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.

Lastly, we have some updates and very TIME SENSITIVE information for you regarding our training film “Cold Market Prospecting “LIVE” – The Documentary.” For those that may not be aware of this product keep, reading because we think you’re going to get excited!

We filmed undercover footage of a day in the cold market, prospecting complete strangers. I collected 11 names and numbers while doing every day activities like pumping gas, eating out and buying clothes. There is over an hour of footage with explanations of the interactions and Q&A. Pretty cool right!?

So here is the good news! We are releasing this product on May 3rd (Tue) and you can purchase your copy between now and May 6th (Friday) for our pre-launch price of . The bad news is on May 6th at midnight we are closing down this offer and the product will not be made available again until this summer and it will be priced at 7 each. Michelle and I have more ideas for training content that we want to include in this package, and need more time to execute them. If you or anyone on your team purchase between now and May 6th for the rate, you will automatically receive the other bonuses when we re-launch at 7 in the summer!!!

We think you would agree that’s a killer offer, so if you need more people on your written list and want to branch out, build confidence and overcome fear we highly recommend picking up your copy before we close it down.

To see a FREE Live example NOW or to secure your copy visit:

Cheers To Your Freedom,

Adam and Michelle Carey



Scariest and creepiest ghost cases in Philadelphia. Super spooky, don’t watch alone!

Secret of the 50 Richest and Most Successful People in the World of Investing

Secret of the 50 Richest and Most Successful People in the World of Investing

50 Richest and Most Successful People in the World
Free Audio:

A Secret of 50 Richest and Most Successful People in the World is revealed by Tony Robbins. Frank Kern interviewed Tony Robbins about his new book called Money Master the Game where he’s talking about the 50 richest investors, their money management and what they have in common.

If anyone wants to know how to become rich, the absolutely critical thing to master is mindset. That’s also what a lot of millionaires have in common, crystal clear mindset. Of course, you will also need proper execution and action plan to follow.

Learn more from this amazing man.

The world of Investment is just one, perhaps the best solution to achieve financial freedom and piece in mind. The another method is creating a wealth for yourself by starting your own business and do what you love. PLF teaches how to launch the online business and your own product, no matter what kind of product that might be.

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Bill Ackman in a interview discussing his investment philosophy and technique , how he looks for talented people, short selling and much more. This interview reveals not only technical put personal facts and opinions about Bill.

2:25 Contacting Companies
8:29 Investment Strategy
12:41 Hiring Talented People
16:16 Short Selling
22:29 Philantrophy
23:54 J.C. Penny
26:56 When to Buy and Sell
29:41 Portfolio
30:49 Mistakes
32:44 Critics
34:09 More Philanthropy
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Clinton – One of The Most Successful Politicians in Modern American History

Bill Clinton -One of the best documentaries on Youtube
The biography of a president who rose from a broken childhood in Arkansas to become one of the most successful politicians in modern American history, and one of the most complex and conflicted characters to ever stride across the public stage.
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Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals In The World

Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals In The World

1- Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico:Every year, about 700 hot air balloons embellish the sky in New Mexico. This annual International Ballon Fiesta is one of the most colorful sky parades in the world. More than 28 different countries gather together to join in this spectacular celebration, and every year there is a new theme that makes the fiesta exciting and unpredictable. Usually, it is held every October, when the climate in Albuquerque is perfect for ballooning.
2- Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:If you are travelling in Brazil, what better way to experience the exciting culture and tradition of the country than experiencing their most famous Festival in Rio de Janeiro? It has practically earned a reputation in one of the most spectacular festivals in the world. Nearly 2 million tourists and locals parade (and even dance to the tune of Samba!) in the streets, with their colorful costumes, masks, and vibrant props. No wonder Rio is recently voted as the happiest city in the world!
3- Diwali Festival, India:Also known as the Festival of Light, the Diwali Festival features lighting small oil lamps and displaying in around every individual’s homes and balcony, lighting up the whole country. Since India is a very diverse country, the festival have various meanings according to the tradition of their province. But it is still one of the largest festivals in India, culminated with firework displays and exchange of sweets in each other’s homes.
4- Full Moon Party, Thailand:In Thailand, people from all over the world visit the country for their annual Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. Every year, tourists and locals cram the beach area with fire dances, night partying, loud music, turning it in one of the coolest, brightest, and craziest festival in Thailand. It is usually celebrated in the wide Had Rin beach where almost 20,000 people dance all night long.
5- Sinulog Festival,Cebu, Philippines:Every third Sunday of January, Cebuano locals in the Philippines organize the Sinulog Festival, in honor of the Santo Niño. Thousands of participants dress in their most colorful costumes and parade all day in the streets, dancing to the beat of drums and trumpets. It lasts for up to nine days, and culminated with a Sinulog Grand Parade. The word ‘Sinulog’ comes from the root word ‘sulog’, which literally means “like water current movement”.
6- Elephant Festival, India:Held every year in the Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, the Elephant Festival is one of the most colorful and heart-warming celebrations in India. It is usually held on the full moon day of the Phalgun Purnima, according to the Indian calendar (this is usually between February and March). Hundreds of elephants are painted with bright colors and symbols, clothed with vibrant clothes, dressed in jewelry, and paraded in the streets. The most beautiful elephant in the parade takes home a luxurious prize.
7- Harbin Ice Festival, China:In China, in the capital of Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin celebrates an annual Harbin Ice Festival. It showcases towering ice sculptures, amazing ice lantern shows, and crazy ice sports like hockey and football -practically anything related to ice! By night, the lanterns and castles of ice are lighted in different colors, making a spectacular view.
8- Montreal International Jazz Festival, Canada:On the other hand, if you are not looking much from a colorful parade of dancers and props, but is, rather, looking for good music in the air, then the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Canada will surely sweep you off your feet. It is one of the biggest summer festivals in the country, lasting for more than a week of celebration and all-night entertainment.
9- Holi Festival, India:Just by its name itself, Holi Festival or the Festival of Colors in India is truly one of the most exciting and colorful festivals in the world. Generally, it is a religious celebration of the Hindus over the successful escape of Prahland, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. This celebration continues for about a week of cultural activities and night celebrations.
10- Dragon Boat Festival, China:An already ancient festival in China, the Dragon Boat Festival is still one of the main tourist and local attraction in the mainland. It is celebrated annually, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It originated from a festival that celebrates the martyrdom of Qu Yan, a famous Chinese patriot who threw himself in the waters as his sign of protest to the government.
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Top 10 Most Shocking Facts About Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar (Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria) was a notorious Colombian drug lord who at the height of his career, supplied about 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the US. Known as “The King of Cocaine”, he was the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of US billion by the early 1990s, and approximately US billion when including money that was buried in different areas of Colombia.
Here are the top 10 most shocking facts about Pablo Escobar.

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1. On the streets of Medellin, Pablo started his criminal career in his teens. It is said he used to steal tombstones, sandblast the names of them and sell them to smugglers in Panama. Pablo was ambitious from the beginning, and he used to tell his friends that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 22.

2. The demand for cocaine skyrocketed in the 1980s and at its peak, Escobar’s Medellín cartel smuggled 15 tons of cocaine per day to the United States, or about the weight of two African elephants. And he smuggled most of his cocaine straight over the Florida coast, with little problems.

3. Pablo started the cocaine trafficking early in 1975, which fast gained notoriety. He had an inescapable policy when it came to dealing with law enforcement. The government referred to it as “PLATA O PLOMO”, which meant, accept money; or face bullets.

4. Despite his horrific business dealings, Escobar was celebrated by the poor people of Colombia. He was known to give money to churches, hospitals, establish food programs and built parks and soccer stadiums.

5. Escobar was responsible for the deaths of around 4,000 people. This included 200 judges and over 1,000 police workers, journalists and government officials.

6. It was known that Pablo’s greatest fear was extradition. He said he’d rather “be in a grave in Colombia than a cell in the United States.”

7. The fear was so great, he attempted to change Colombia’s law of extradition by paying the country’s entire debt – an estimated billion. A plan that ultimately failed.

8. In an attempt to appease the Colombian Government and avoid extradition to the US. Pablo built himself a luxury prison and incarcerated himself in it. The prison was known as ‘La Catedral’.

9. He continued his criminal activities from within ‘La Catedral’ and hence the authorities planned to shift him to another cell. Pablo however discovered the plan and made an unhurried escape.

10. Escobar was gunned down at the age of 44, during a rooftop firefight. Some people speculate the wound was self-inflicted.

Here are some facts about Pablo Escobar that didn’t make it in the video.

Despite being a poor farm boy, Escobar rose to become the leader of the infamous Medellin Cartel – a drug organization that became responsible for supplying 80% of the world’s cocaine.
Pablo was born in Rionegro, Colombia in 1949. His mother was a School Teacher and his father was a Farmer.
At the height of his reign Pablo Escobar was making around 0 million each week.
His yearly earnings peaked at an estimated billion a year. That including the -2 billion in losses a month.
From 1987 until 1993, Escobar made the Forbes’ list of international billionaires. In 1989, he ranked as the seventh-richest man in the world.
Escobar spent roughly ,500 a month on rubber bands for his cash.
About 10% of Escobar’s earnings were lost to spoilage. It is likely that rats consumed a large bulk of the bills.
Escobar is said to have smuggled cocaine into the United States using plane tires. Pending how much they flew, pilots could earn up to 0,000 a day.
Pablo owned a Learjet specifically for his cash. The last thing you didn’t know about Pablo Escobar is that he had an interesting solution to a very rare kind of cash flow problem. Escobar and his cartel began to see soaring profits rather quickly. His being a cash business, Escobar needed to get that U.S. cash back to Colombia. For a while, the small plane he used to transport that cash was sufficient, as it could hold about million.
He even earned the nickname ‘Robin Hood’ by the poor, even after he was labeled a drug kingpin.
Other popular nicknames included ‘Don Pablo’ and ‘El Patron’.
Near the small north-western Colombian town of Puerto Triunfo, Escobar purchased 20 square kilometers of land which included Hacienda Napoles. He built there a zoo, a lake and other things for his and his family’s recreation. It is said that this place hosted drug fueled parties where Colombia’s most powerful and most beautiful people gathered. Now this paradise is in ruins with refugees and hippos inhabiting the area.
When the Escobar family was in hiding, Pablo’s daughter became sick with pneumonia. In order to keep her warm, Pablo lit million dollars on over the course of a couple of days.
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10 Most Enjoyable Festivals Around the World

10 Most Enjoyable Festivals Around the World

10 – Fantasy Fest
09 – Burning Man
08 – Sapporo Snow Festival
07 – Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
06 – Carnevale
05 – Glastonbury
04 – International Festival of the Sahara
03 – Holi
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