48 hours True Crime – Live to Tell – Kidnapped on Highway 1 – Mexico

48 hours True Crime - Live to Tell - Kidnapped on Highway 1 - Mexico

An American family surprised while going home from a yearly vacation in Cabo, headed towards the San Diego border. They see flashing lights in the rear view mirrors & are being pulled over. But are they really the police?

Another tragic story about an American Family missing
The McStay Family

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true crime
live to tell


This is Part I of Q&A video response to the question: How safe is it to travel solo as a female?

Part II of the Q & A: What do you do to stay safe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhdahTerxOk

The Good, Bad and Inevitable of Solo Tavel (aka my first solo trip to Thailand): http://grrrltraveler.com/inspiration/good-bad-inevitablesolotravel/

So how safe is it to travel solo as a female?

There’s been some bad headlines in the news about women encountering danger abroad. When has living ever been safe for a woman?

I started solo traveling in 2009. I chose it out of necessity. Either travel alone or don’t travel at all. Those were my two options and it wasn’t an easy choice.

Telling me to fear solo travel because I am single and a woman, is like telling me not to breath, to go back to the days of foot binding and corsets and wait for a big, strong man to walk into my life.

I don’t dismiss that danger is possible when you travel.

But the absolute truth is that as women, danger is a possibility in every corner of our lives. Solo or not, with crimes and violence on the rise, we must practice safety everywhere. The idea is not to question solo travel safety, but to create it.

As female solo travelers, many of us strive to build safety into our travel experiences. We learn to practice safe habits.

“Danger” is built into every woman’s history, the homes we supposedly find safety in and the cities we live in… it’s in our daily lifestyle.

Let me know what you think. Do you think it’s safe for a woman to travel alone?


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Travel Survival | Solo Travel | Live with GRRR!
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Juarez Mexico, territorio de pandillas y Carteles

Ciudad de Juárez México, una de las ciudades más violentas, dominadas por los carteles del narcotráfico con mayor afluencia de drogas a Estados Unidos y el mundo.
Y la ruptura de un pais por una ciudad.
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Tropic Of Cancer 1 of 6 Mexico, Cuba And The Bahamas – BBC Documentary

Mexico to the Bahamas – Tropic of Cancer Episode 1 of 6
Simon Reeve starts his epic journey around the world following the Tropic of Cancer, the northern border of the tropics region.

In this first episode Simon travels from the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico, where he visits the luxurious holiday resorts of Baja California, before crossing the country’s rugged interior.

Along the way he goes on patrol with a heavily armed police unit in Culiacan, headquarters of the fearsome Sinaloa drug cartel, and gets more than he bargained for from a female Lucha Libre wrestler.

The Tropic of Cancer skirts Havana, where Simon learns how allotments are helping the Cubans counter the effects of the US trade embargo; and in the Bahamas he discovers the hidden menace on the beautiful coral reefs that make these islands famous.
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Tiësto In The Booth – Episode 5 (Mexico Electric Daisy Carnival)

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Joselito Velazquez v Veitia Soto – Mexico v Cuba

Joselito Velazquez v Veitia Soto – Mexico v Cuba

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Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Mexico 2015 Dia 1 #EDCMX #XXEDC

Mira el dia 2 del EDC MEXICO http://youtu.be/50-DOSNVqRs

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