Malayalis Around The World Prepare For Onam Festival

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There is a lot of insane festivals but here is the Top 10 Most Insane Festivals Around The World

About the Insane Festivals :

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10. Moose Dropping Festival –
In celebration of the state’s official animal, the small Alaskan town of Talkeetna holds an annual festival in which the highlight involves dropping loads of moose poop onto targets from hot air balloons. We kid you not.

9. Up Helly AA –
Occuring once a year in the Shetland Islands, Up Helly AA is a fairly intense ordeal that involves lots of fire, viking helmets, and lifesize replicas of longships being burnt to the ground…or the ocean for that matter.

8. Frozen Dead Guy Days –
Ever since Bredo Morstol’s body was brought to the United States by his grandson in the late 80′s his body has been cryogenically frozen in a shed located in the small town of Nederland, Colorado. Although initially the townspeople were opposed to the idea of keeping frozen dead people in their backyards, they’ve chilled out quite a bit . Today they even hold an annual festival that includes coffin races, a slow motion parade, and a Frozen Dead Guy lookalike contest.

7. Goose Pulling Festival –
Each year on Shrove Tuesday in various towns throughout Germany and the Netherlands villagers take part in a very old and very controversial activity. Basically a goose is hung from either a wire or a pole afterwhich participants take turns trying to pull its head off. Of course, the head can only take so much and before long somebody is successful. Don’t get too worked up though, the animal rights activists already beat you to it. These days only dead geese are allowed to be used in the festivities.

6. The Redneck Games –
In 1996 when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, some locals took offense to the fact that the international media portrayed them as a “bunch of rednecks holding a sporting event.” As a result they ended up doing just that. Some of the events include toilet seat throwing, hubcap hurling, and the armpit serenade.

5. Burning Tar Barrel Festival –
Although no is quite sure why anymore, for hundreds of years people in the town of Devon, England have been running through the streets carrying burning battles of tar. As soon as the sun goes down on the 5th of November barrels are lit and placed upon the back of a carrier. When he can bear it no more he’ll hand off the load to the next willing soul and so and so forth.

4. Bolas de Fuego –
Staying on the topic of fire, this festival takes us halfway around the world to San Salvador. Around the turn of the 20th century a volcano almost completely destroyed the small town of Nejapa. Every year since then residents have gathered together in the town square for very a appropriately themed celebration consisting of throwing flaming rags at one another. Makes the fire ants and tomatos look a little more appealing doesn’t it?

3. Konaki Sumo –
Once again we find ourselves in Japan, and once again the Japanese have managed to outdo themselves. This time the festival involves two things – sumo wrestlers and lots and lots of babies. Every April the wrestlers face off while holding the babies to see who’s will cry first. May the man with the most baby friendly hands win.

2. Goat Tossing Festival –
There are few things in the world stranger than what happens in the small Spanish town of Manganeses de la Polvorosa every fourth Sunday of January. Essentially it consists of a young boy finding a goat, tying it up, and then throwing it from the top of the church belfry after which is supposedly caught by villagers on the ground.

1. El Colacho –
Also known as the baby jumping festival, this cringe worthy celebration occurs every year on the feast of Corpus Christi in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. Any baby that was born in the previous 12 months is placed on a mattress in the street while all the adult men of the village take turns jumping over them. Although there are usually at least several injuries, word has it that they typically only involve the jumpers.

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