Hillary Clinton and Ellen Are Live on Facebook!

Check out all the Qs and As from Hillary and Ellen’s time on Facebook Live.

The presidential candidate talked about running mates, Bill’s possible role, and a potential new home for Ellen and her show.

Cheap Ways to Live Abroad

How to live abroad without spending too much.

John, how’s it going man?

Not too shabby, how about you?

I’m fine, too, but I’m actually trying to travel the world and wondered if you can give me some tips on how I can do this without spending too much money. After all, I’m on rich guy.

But the last time you said you wanted to do that, you ended up visiting my house, got drunk and clogged the toilet. Are you sure you’re going to visit something this time or are you drunk again?

No joking man, I really need these tips and I need them fast. I actually have a plane to catch in a few hours from now, so the sooner you can help me, the better.

OK, OK, I get it. Be very careful though and if you have a smartphone, you may want to record what I’m about to say.

Sure, please go on.

OK, so first of all, living abroad may be difficult, but everything’s hard in the beginning right? I suggest you go live in cheaper countries, like China, Malaysia, but don’t go to North Korea.


Well no one guarantees you’ll make it out alive.

I see, well that’s off the list then.

OK, now you may also want to cook home, because this will save you hundreds of dollars a month. Also, try shopping for food in the evening, because that’s when the prices are cut down by up to 50%.

Alright, any other tips for me?

If you qualify, you should get a student or international youth card, because this will save you a lot of money on many purchases. And in terms of accommodation, you may want to consider a house swap.

Man these tips will surely save me a lot of cash. Thanks a lot and here’s some money for a beer.

Thanks and have a safe journey!
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Grace Festivals 2015: All I Need Is You Lord – (ft. Aenon Church) Live from Uppal Municipal Stadium

All I Need Is You Lord by Aenon Church Worship Team.
Live from Uppal Municiapl Stadium.

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Description: In episode 3 of “Holy Facts,” Gotham Chopra explores fertility festivals.* His first stop is a Japanese festival that features giant phallus statues, candies and souvenirs. Strange as it may seem, the tradition dates back at least 1,500 years. Before we judge eastern cultures for their fertility fixation, Gotham reminds us that our own Easter tradition likely derives from ancient fertility goddess worship…in Gotham’s words: “We’re more alike than different when it comes to how we party.” Read more: http://bitly.com/N2UTFv

HOLY FACTS is a new video series hosted by Gotham Chopra that explores the world’s “strangest” religions and traditions. Through irreverent humor and Gotham’s passion for storytelling, Holy Facts strives to show that no matter how peculiar something may look, we’re not really that different. It’s all still faith.


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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Live at Tomorrowland 2015 ( FULL Mainstage Set HD )

Check out the official music video of ‘Higher Place’ with Ne-Yo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDLTmBiY3mg
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Spotify: http://dimitrivegasandlikemike.com/spotify

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Tracklist: http://smarturl.it/TLTracklist

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike release their massive Tomorrowland MainStage set for 2015

Returning to what is not only their home country of Belgium, but a magical and musical descent back upon the town of Boom, Kings of Tomorrowland Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike once again returned to 2015’s edition to headline the Saturday of the event in an unrivalled fashion. Last years full live-set was the most viewed set of the festival with over 34 million views.

Smashing out the industry’s hottest-hitters from the excitement generated by ‘The Hum’ throughout 2015, to their smash of the Summer featuring R&B superstar Ne-Yo on ‘Higher Place’ – that was also the #1 most Shazamed track at the festival – by bringing their unique brand of high energy originals intertwined with party defining classics, it only takes a single live experience shared with the Brothers to realise the scale of magic just witnessed.
From all-new Id’s to fan-favourite set staples, blasting out their remix of Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s ‘Lean On’,  as well as a mega mashup of Kygo’s huge hit ‘Firestone’ with their ‘Mammoth’ Moguai chart-topper, it’s not hard to see exactly how and why Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have one of the most explosive and captivating live shows on the planet –their exclusive Tujamo remix of ‘Higher Place’ keeping fans and followers hooked as a surprise free giveaway just days after their appearance captivated around the globe via the official event live stream.

With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s headline set of 2015, make no mistake that you should tune in and bow down as the Kings of Tomorrowland show exactly why their worthy of their title across 60 minutes of audio carnage, at the world-renowned event that saw over 180,000 ecstatic attendees descend on the festival across its 3 main days    


Dash Berlin – Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami Mainstage 2015 (Full Set)

More info, tracklist & photos: http://dashberlinworld.com/profiles/blogs/dash-berlin-live-mix-at-ultra-music-festival-miami-mainstage-full

Miami. Ultra Music Festival 2015. In the middle of the pouring rain. Dash Berlin wrote history surprising the crowd with one of the most emotional, powerful and energetic sets the festival has ever seen and proved to be right at home at the big main stage. Something magical happened, the rain made it even more memorable. Relive that magic now with the full live set!
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48 hours True Crime – Live to Tell – Kidnapped on Highway 1 – Mexico

48 hours True Crime - Live to Tell - Kidnapped on Highway 1 - Mexico

An American family surprised while going home from a yearly vacation in Cabo, headed towards the San Diego border. They see flashing lights in the rear view mirrors & are being pulled over. But are they really the police?

Another tragic story about an American Family missing
The McStay Family

20 20
true crime
live to tell


This is Part I of Q&A video response to the question: How safe is it to travel solo as a female?

Part II of the Q & A: What do you do to stay safe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhdahTerxOk

The Good, Bad and Inevitable of Solo Tavel (aka my first solo trip to Thailand): http://grrrltraveler.com/inspiration/good-bad-inevitablesolotravel/

So how safe is it to travel solo as a female?

There’s been some bad headlines in the news about women encountering danger abroad. When has living ever been safe for a woman?

I started solo traveling in 2009. I chose it out of necessity. Either travel alone or don’t travel at all. Those were my two options and it wasn’t an easy choice.

Telling me to fear solo travel because I am single and a woman, is like telling me not to breath, to go back to the days of foot binding and corsets and wait for a big, strong man to walk into my life.

I don’t dismiss that danger is possible when you travel.

But the absolute truth is that as women, danger is a possibility in every corner of our lives. Solo or not, with crimes and violence on the rise, we must practice safety everywhere. The idea is not to question solo travel safety, but to create it.

As female solo travelers, many of us strive to build safety into our travel experiences. We learn to practice safe habits.

“Danger” is built into every woman’s history, the homes we supposedly find safety in and the cities we live in… it’s in our daily lifestyle.

Let me know what you think. Do you think it’s safe for a woman to travel alone?


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For more videos about travel survival | solo travel: http://youtube.com/ckaaloa

Travel Survival | Solo Travel | Live with GRRR!
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Nirvana – live “Hollywood Rock festival” Brazil 1993 (full)

“Hollywood rock festival” Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL 23/01/93.
Set list
01:58 – L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (jam)
02:52 – School
05:38 – Drain You
09:36 – Breed
12:46 – Sliver
14:58 – In Bloom
19:20 – Come As You Are
23:40 – Love Buzz
27:20 – Lithium
32:38 – Polly
35:35 – About A Girl
39:03 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
43:52 – On A Plain
47:34 – Negative Creep
50:10 – Been A Son
52:10 – Blew
55:30 – Heart-Shaped Box
1:01:55 – Scentless Apprentice
1:12:16 – Sweet Emotion (jam)
1:13:04 – Dive
1:17:00 – Lounge Act
1:19:38 – Aneurysm
1:24:15 – Territorial Pissings
Résumé du concert,
Ce live au festival “hollywood rock” Rio De Janeiro est certainement l’un des plus dingue que le groupe n’est jamais donné. On y retrouve un kurt malade de ses interminable bronchite et pour tenir le show c’était administré un cocktail explosif..! Quand la question “Quels souvenir garde-tu de ce concert?” a été posé a Kurt lors d’une interview courrant 1993, Kurt répond: “Je me souviens seulement d’avoir beaucoup bu et sniffé de la cocaine avec les gars d’Alice In Chains toute la nuit” résultat total déconnexion sur le morceau “Scentless Apprentice” Kurt se laissant aller a ses délires les plus dingue, maltraitant sa jaguar et essayant même d’arracher une partie du décor de la scène puis s’amusant avec une caméra puis crachant sur une autre, il fini par baisser son pantalon de pyjama pour montrer son sex a la caméra… Bref un Kurt en plein délire..! ont y retrouve également Flea des Red Hot Chili Peppers rejoignant NIRVANA sur “Smells Like Teen Spirit” a la trompète! Ensuite après une courte pause en back stage Kurt revient vêtu d’une robe et d’une couronne emprunté a courtney et termine le concert tant bien que mal et finalement sort de scène en se trainant a quatre patte!!! en bref.. un concert mémorable a voir absolument!
abstract in English:

This live at the festival “hollywood rock” Rio De Janeiro is definitely one of the craziest that the group is never given. It includes a patient kurt its interminable bronchitis and to keep the show was given an explosive cocktail ..! When the question “What memories do you keep this concert?” was asked to Kurt during a 1993 interview Current, Kurt replied, “I only remember having been drinking heavily and snorted cocaine with the guys from Alice In Chains overnight” disconnection total result on the track ” Scentless Apprentice “Kurt indulging in his most insane delusions, abusing his jaguar and even trying to snatch a part of the stage set and having fun with a camera and then spitting on another he finally drop his pants pajamas to show her sex was the camera … So Kurt delirious ..! There have also found Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers joining NIRVANA on “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has trompete! Then after a short break back Kurt backstage wearing a dress and a crown borrowed courtney and ends the concert somehow scene and eventually fate by dragging four leg !!! in short .. a memorable concert a must see (y)

Dirty Loops-Sexy Girls (LIVE In Seoul Jazz festival 2015)

2015 서울재즈페스티벌 (20150523)
올림픽공원 핸드볼경기장
스웨덴 밴드 더티룹스
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The Sexy Girls Bar in the slums in Shangrila Glastonbury Festival 2010