Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Live at Tomorrowland 2015 ( FULL Mainstage Set HD )

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike release their massive Tomorrowland MainStage set for 2015

Returning to what is not only their home country of Belgium, but a magical and musical descent back upon the town of Boom, Kings of Tomorrowland Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike once again returned to 2015’s edition to headline the Saturday of the event in an unrivalled fashion. Last years full live-set was the most viewed set of the festival with over 34 million views.

Smashing out the industry’s hottest-hitters from the excitement generated by ‘The Hum’ throughout 2015, to their smash of the Summer featuring R&B superstar Ne-Yo on ‘Higher Place’ – that was also the #1 most Shazamed track at the festival – by bringing their unique brand of high energy originals intertwined with party defining classics, it only takes a single live experience shared with the Brothers to realise the scale of magic just witnessed.
From all-new Id’s to fan-favourite set staples, blasting out their remix of Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s ‘Lean On’,  as well as a mega mashup of Kygo’s huge hit ‘Firestone’ with their ‘Mammoth’ Moguai chart-topper, it’s not hard to see exactly how and why Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have one of the most explosive and captivating live shows on the planet –their exclusive Tujamo remix of ‘Higher Place’ keeping fans and followers hooked as a surprise free giveaway just days after their appearance captivated around the globe via the official event live stream.

With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s headline set of 2015, make no mistake that you should tune in and bow down as the Kings of Tomorrowland show exactly why their worthy of their title across 60 minutes of audio carnage, at the world-renowned event that saw over 180,000 ecstatic attendees descend on the festival across its 3 main days    


Top 100 DJs 2015 Awards Ceremony & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike full DJ Set!

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How NOT to look like a tourist when traveling abroad

10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad …
If you want to stay safe and avoid standing out as a tourist when traveling overseas, … Dressing appropriately while abroad not only helps you fit in with locals and … Another good idea: Look like you know what you’re doing and where you’re …
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Being identified as a tourist is generally not a good thing. Here’s how to blend in with the natives.
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Nov 8, 2012 – I’ll admit, it’s puzzling, but the United States is not like Europe. … (Before that, he’d relied on his now fading boyish good looks to get spontaneously … confident, undetected tourist even when traveling abroad for the first time.
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How to Avoid Looking Like an American Tourist. As an American traveling in a foreign country, the last thing you want to do is stand out like a sore thumb.
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by Theresa Caruso – Jan 9, 2014 – It doesn’t matter what language you say it in, in many cases “tourist” has a … of thumb to avoid looking like a tourist is to do some research on the place where you are … It’s more than worth the time and money to travel abroad!
Ugly American Sentiment Abroad by Rick Steves | ricksteves …
Many Americans’ trips suffer because they are treated like Ugly Americans. … Europeans judge you as an individual, not by your government. … at another may seem inefficient, until you realize it’s more sanitary: The person handling the food … Return unused travel information (booklets, brochures) to the tourist information …
How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist | Gadling
May 30, 2012 – How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist … That’s not to say you and your travel partners should play “the silent game” while abroad, but it’s …

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Don’t let the lack of a traveling companion stop you from seeing the world. Sometimes it’s more fun to explore on your own.

Step 1: Plan ahead
Research your travel destination. Though spontaneity is one of the joys of solo travel, knowing a bit about where you’re going is key when you don’t have someone along to help figure out things like transportation. Pick a place that’s not too remote or couples-oriented.

Less developed countries tend to be good places to meet other solo travelers.

Step 2: Get a room
Consider your hotel options. Less lavish accommodations are more likely to attract other single travelers who, like you, don’t have someone to split the cost of a room. On the other hand, you may feel safer in a higher-end hotel. Whatever you decide, make sure to reserve a room for your first night in town, when you’re apt to be jet-lagged and disoriented.

Step 3: Travel light
Pack only as much as you can easily carry by yourself — preferably in one carry-on bag to minimize the risk of lost luggage. Leave expensive jewelry at home.

Step 4: Stay in touch
Leave your itinerary — or at least a general idea of where you’ll be — with a few loved ones. Take a copy of your passport with you, and leave them a copy as well as your credit cards numbers. E-mail yourself numbers to call if your cards are lost or stolen. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure your cell phone has international service.

Step 5: Blend in
Blend in with your surroundings. If you’re in a foreign country, memorize a few key phrases and dress according to local fashion. Consider buying a few items that will help you look like a native.

Step 6: Take a tour
Take a walking tour, a cooking class, or some other activity; they’re great ways to meet other travelers. Consult a newspaper about local events, or ask your hotel to help you make arrangements.

Step 7: Eat out
Don’t be shy about going to restaurants by yourself and chatting with other diners and waitstaff; a great way to do that is by eating at the bar. Having breakfast at your hotel and snacking at outdoor cafes are also conducive to making friends while munching.

Though it’s tempting to hide behind a book or scribble in a journal, you’re more approachable if you forgo those things.

Step 8: Stay safe
Stay safe. Write notes and directions on index cards before you leave your hotel; if you must take out a map, do it discreetly. Avoid isolated areas and don’t tell strangers you’re traveling alone. Above all, trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, get out of the situation.

Did You Know?
According to a survey, 29 percent of leisure travelers took a solo trip in 2006.

What Is Life Really Like In Cuba?

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Mother Jones –

This Is What Cuba Really Looks Like These Days

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“The Obama administration on Friday removed Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, a crucial step in normalizing ties between Washington and Havana and the latest progress in President Obama’s push to thaw relations between the United States and the island nation.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry rescinded Cuba’s designation as a terrorism sponsor at the end of a 45-day congressional notification period, which began on April 14 when Mr. Obama announced his intention to remove Cuba from the list.

The move “reflects our assessment that Cuba meets the statutory criteria for rescission,” Jeff Rathke, the State Department spokesman, said in a statement.”

Read more here:

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