Foie Gras & the Ethics of Force-Feeding: The Politics of Food

In 2012, the State of California successfully banned foie gras, citing animal welfare and health concerns. Though that ban was just recently overturned, the debate continues to rage on from both sides.

In this episode of The Politics of Food, chef and food writer Dave Arnold speaks to the ban’s key political players, including the Chairman of the California Democratic Party, to understand how insider politics determines what we can and cannot eat. From a foie gras speakeasy to the world of animal-rights activists, Dave visits both sides of the issue and discovers why there’s so much controversy surrounding this popular delicacy.

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Documentary about the politics of the Chicano Movement, and the Raza Unida Party.
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AJ Eats – Havana: Cuba’s Food Revolution

We visit Havana to find out how politics affects food and how recent changes are being reflected in Cuban cuisine.

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Malate Food Festival (Sexy Girls)

Malate Food Festival (Sexy Girls)

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pattaya little go-go near central festival sexy dancing girls
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[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary

[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary

[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary
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[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary
[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary
[Travel Documentary] Bangkok Street Food documentary – Thailand food documentary
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Thailand Travel Diary 2015 | Contiki | GOPRO HERO 4 | Erika Joelle

Sawadee Ka! Here’s a jam packed video of my recent trip to the beautiful Thailand with Contiki on the Thai Hopper West! All clips shot on my GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

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Kob Khun Ka, Love –
Erika x

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CUBA – Food market


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Learn to make Tiropita’s or try some at the Greek Food Festival

Learn to make Tiropita’s or try some at the Greek Food Festival

The 52nd Sacramento Greek Festival is taking place over the weekend at the Sacramento Convention Center. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more:

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Urban Food Growing in Havana, Cuba

A clip from the BBC’s “Around the World in 80 Gardens” (2008) showing some of the urban food gardening in Havana, Cuba. Presented by Monty Don.

24 june 2009 – sorry guys, i’ve disabled comments. for a simple vid about people growing food, it’s getting way too heated in here!

Future of Food in UK. Cuban fuel crisis and food habits, BBC Part 2

Future of Food in UK. Cuban fuel crisis and food habits, BBC Part 2

Edited clips from BBC Documentary – Future of Food – in UK. It shows the influence of oil and struggle for food production giving an example of Cuba. Cuba received lot of oil from Soviet Russia but after collapse of Russis, its supplies decreased drastically and its mechanised agricultural practice could no longer sustain itself. Food production was affected. Government encouraged locally grown food and that food should be grown wherever possible. People had to make dramatic change to their diet – rice and bean every day. It also shows how food can be grown with manual labour and efficient use of resources. May be showing a future path that highly mechanised farming in UK will have to follow.
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World Street Food Festival

Over the Jubilee weekend, Southbank Centre Square played host to a selection of the best street food vendors around. We headed down with our truck and pop-up product market.
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BBC Future of Food – Part 1: India

Future of Food – Part 1: India
In the past year, we have seen food riots on three continents, food inflation has rocketed and experts predict that by 2050, if things don’t change, we will see mass starvation across the world. This film sees George Alagiah travel the world in search of solutions to the growing global food crisis.
From the two women working to make their Yorkshire market town self-sufficient to the academic who claims it could be better for the environment to ship in lamb from New Zealand, George Alagiah meets the people who believe they know how we should feed the world as demand doubles by the middle of the century.

George joins a Masai chief among the skeletons of hundreds of cattle he has lost to climate change and the English farmer who tells him why food production in the UK is also hit. He spends a day eating with a family in Cuba to find out how a future oil shock could lead to dramatic adjustments to diets. He visits the breadbasket of India to meet the farmer who now struggles to irrigate his land as water tables drop, and finds out why obesity is spiralling out of control in Mexico.
Back in Britain, George investigates what is wrong with people’s diets, and discovers that the UK imports an average of 3000 liters of water per capita every day. He talks to top nutritionist Susan Jebb, DEFRA minister Hilary Benn and Nobel laureate Rajendra Pachauri to uncover what the future holds for our food.
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A documentary showing the consequences fo choices made by western forces to create guantanamo bay detention center and the useless intelligence that leads to the kidnapping and detention of innocent people.

One might find themselves able to understand mistakes, however when these people are released, the stories of torture and their treatment is enough to ignore all excuses.

islam, islamic, guantanamo, bay, cuba, gitmo, detention, detainee.