Cuba News: Congress visits, a long distance calling deal, & Fidel Castro

A 90 second weekly video where journalist Nora Gamez Torres updates you on developments in Cuba. This week, the first U.S. congressional delegation visited the island since President Obama announced the shift in U.S. Cuba policy back in December. For deeper coverage of Cuba, go to the Miami Herald’s Cuba webpage.
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SkyWatchTV News 7/1/15: US Restores Relations With Cuba

It’s official: After 54 years, the United States will reopen an embassy in Havana.

Also: ISIS strikes Egypt’s military while threatening Hamas and Christians in Israel, FBI on alert for July 4th, another black church burns, ufologists accuse NASA of coverup (again), and the Episcopal Church USA votes on same-sex marriage.

Travelling Abroad – Top Tips for staying fit & healthy during long distance travel

Whether for sailing, work or for a holiday, more and more of us are embarking on long haul travel these days.

It’s certainly all part and parcel of an Olympic sailing campaign, with the British Sailing Team regularly having to rack up the air miles to get to major training and competition destinations around the world.

Long haul travel can pose some health challenges, whether you’re an elite athlete, a holidaymaker or a business traveller, so here our sport science team and Olympic silver medallists Nick Dempsey and Hannah Mills share their top tips for staying fit for the long haul.
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For many of us, travelling abroad with our bikes unlocks a world of amazing riding opportunities, not matter how great the roads are at home. Here are our tips to help you travel with your bike.
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Having your bike in good condition when you arrive is partly down to how you pack it, which we’ve covered in three videos previously, but also what state it’s in before you go. We’d always recommend giving it a thorough service before you go. Your time is precious when travelling, so minimise any fuss by having a sweetly running bike.

Of course there could always be a problem when you’re out there, so take a basic tool kit with you, including a track pump if you have the room.

Having done a lot of traveling with bikes, and now camera kit, we’d always recommend thoroughly researching your airline’s weight restriction and bike policies.

Finally, don’t forget your currency and sunscreen!

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