Cuba's true flavor

Cuba's true flavor
ABOUT THOSE CARS: Cuba's vintage cars sound picturesque – until you're in one with no seat belts, no air-conditioning in 90-degree heat, broken windows, belching smoke and doors that open in transit. The old cars aren't just American. One 20-something …
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Cuba's coral reefs are remote but pristine
In some ways, the peninsula is just as frozen in time as other aspects of life in Cuba, where 50-year-old cars are common and Wi-Fi is scarce. But the lack of change here has had a positive effect, sparing Cuba's reefs from the degradation evident in …
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Will Obama let Cuba's top baseball player join the Yankees?

Will Obama let Cuba's top baseball player join the Yankees?
Will Yulieski Gourriel's name come up when American officials sit down in Washington with their Cuban counterparts today for, as Havana sees it, a “last opportunity” to settle some outstanding issues? At the age of 31, Gourriel, an infielder who once …
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Cuban Baseball Players Inducted into Cooperstown
Inducted into Cooperstown in 1977, Dihigo was the first Cuban to appear in the hall. Dihigo began playing baseball in 1923 at the age of 18 as second baseman for the Cuban Stars. He is known for his curveball hitting record but in 1938 he led the …
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Cuba's Been Losing Its Best Baseball Players to America
On the 2011 season premiere of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain trekked to the Western hemisphere's living monument to Marxism, Cuba. There, the peripatetic host slaked his thirst with rum and sated his appetite for culture by taking in a game of …
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