Salvage City Turning Trash into Cash Discovery Channel Full episodes

Salvage City  Turning Trash into Cash   Discovery Channel   Full episodes

Street businessman Sam Coffey and his crew going around St. Louis, breaking into abandoned historic buildings and scrounging for hidden treasures he can repurpose and then resell from his shop on Cherokee Street, called The Factory.

Full episodes season 1:
Episode 1: This city is a gold
Episode 2: Sexy time/Business time
Episode 3: Journey to the center of the Earth

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Streets of New York Documentary | Real Gangs of New York City


With new mayor DeBlasio in and stop and frisk under review, is New York’s crime poised to rise again? The South Bronx burned, Harlem overdosed, and Brooklyn was ruled by the knives and bicycle chains of feral gangs. Then it got worse. The Mafia poured tons of China White onto the street and 13 year old warlords peddled vials of cocaine to passing cars. The media, and our own memories, present us only with a photo album of these times; an incident here, and incident there; the 77 Blackout, Bernie Goetz, crack heads, John Gotti. Streets of New York brings the fragments of New York s social unraveling circa 1970-1990 into a contiguous form, so that we may inspect it for clues about how we may more precisely control the social order in all of our cities. The documentary subtly explores issues of race, and the media prism that separates criminal events into levels of importance by geography and social standing of criminals and victims. A treasure of archival television footage was unearthed to catalogue such phenomena as the Devil s Rebels gang terrorizing Bushwick Brooklyn in 1976, police involvement in Harlem s heroin trade, crack users getting high on camera, the worst mass murder in recent New York history, and the implementation of Rudy Giuliani s Compstat program in the War on Crime. Eleven New Yorkers talk about their own experiences from the streets to Riker s Island. We follow NoNo, a former gang member from 70 s era Sunset Park, Brooklyn, from being stabbed in a pizzeria at age 11 to crossing paths with the Son of Sam in prison; noted rapper Thirstin Howl III (former partner of Eminem) from his days robbing people for their coats in Times Square to starring on MTV s Lyricist Lounge television show in the late 90 s; and the best friend of the infamous Pistol Pete Rollack tells us how the Soundview section of the Bronx still has the cloud of death and prison hanging over it to this day. The tales of crime are placed within the larger socio-economic context of ethnicity, gentrification, and politics, through unique statistics and visual elements.
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Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Its Design and the City Layout – 1960s

Philadelphia Pennsylvania - Its Design and the City Layout - 1960s

The layout of Philadelphia as a city plan.

Philadelphia Homicide City Documentary

MI Shau & Parks Presents Homicide City
Copyright 2007
Money, Murder & Politics
MPARKSFILMS/ Unfadeable Images

Philadelphia - The Mill Creek Documentary: Past, Present, & Future

The Mill Creek Community Partnership (MCCP) under its Fine Art Through Our Eyes Community Arts Initiatives with Eli Lu Productions has produced “The Mill Creek Documentary: Past, Present and Future” as Part I of its Urban Preservation Outreach Initiatives to serve as an outlet and resource to document, preserve, awaken, re-ignite, engage, inform, empower, heal, inspire and activate the Mill Creek community, its residents and surrounding communities. The project was made possible through
the generous support of The Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.

Mill Creek ” A Well Where HOPE is Dispersed”

Produced & Directed by Cassandra Green
Directed, Filmed, Produced and Edited by Jean ” Lu” Bevins and Joyce “Eli” Bevins
Narrated by – Jacob Duffy Halbleib
Music composed by Simon Wilkinson
Project Manager – James P. Smith
Graphic Design and Art by Jean “Lu” Bevins


Men of Mill Creek Organization

West Mill Creek Advisory Council Members

Frances Aulston – Founder, President & CEO –
West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance/Paul Robeson House

Leor Barazani – Developer, M.B. Crafters

The Honorable Jannie L. Blackwell — Councilwoman,3rd District

Rose Bryant — Lucien Blackwell Homes Tenant Council President/
Founder & Exec. Dir. Rose’s Clubhouse

Monsignor Carroll – Archdiocese of Philadelphia
(Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Carroll)

Claudine Cooper – Executive Director,
We Never Say Never Organization

Pastor Evon DeLee – Senior Pastor, The Church Down The Way

Pastor Ramona Gaines – Founder/ CEO Styllwaters Café/
Movement Is Medicine – Author

Cassandra Green – Co-Founder & President
Mill Creek Community Partnership

Jean “Lu” Bevins — Filmmaker/ Fine Art Through Our Eyes Young Artist /
The Church Down The Way

Joyce “Eli” Bevins — Filmmaker/ Fine Art Through Our Eyes Young Artist /
The Church Down The Way

Betty Leacraft – Fiber Mixed Media Artist/ Resident

Michael Johns – AIA, NOMA, LEED-AP-
Chief Operating Officer Philadelphia Housing Authority

Tobias Poole – Broadcasting Professional /
radio station, WRTI-FM- Temple University

Michael A. Rashid – President and Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) of AmeriHealth Caritas

Jean Reed – Mill Creek Resident

Beverly Rouse – Community Activist/Counselor

Angela Simon – Mill Creek Advisory Council RCO/Resident

Dr. Pearl B. Simpson – Author, Professor

Artie Stuart – Brown Educator, Performer, Historian

Tim Warfield Jr. — Jazz Musician, Composer, Educator

Mill Creek is a neighborhood located in West Philadelphia (PA).
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Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore!

Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore!

Click here to learn how to find old sites to detect-
Full length documentary here

Metal detecting a huge silver coin spill with Carson City seateds, key dates, a shield nickel and more! Treasure hunting simply doesn’t get any better! Best day ever!
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Ancient Discoveries | History Channel Full Episodes | New York City Documentary

Ancient Discoveries | History Channel Full Episodes | New York City Documentary


Ancient Discoveries,ancient discoveries 2016,History Channel,History Channel Full Episodes,history channel documentary,documentary,discovery channel,Computer Documentary,ancient documentary,ancient discoveries 2015
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5000/1: How Leicester City Beat the Odds BBC Documentary 2016

5000/1: How Leicester City Beat the Odds BBC Documentary 2016

Leicester City’s club ambassador Alan Birchenall tells the inside story of how the team incredibly became Premier League champions.

Genghis Khan is a BBC documentary detailing the life of the 13th-century Mongol. Written by Isabelle Grey, Directed by Edward Bazalgette, Starring Orgil Makhaan, Producers: Jonathan Stamp and Edward Bazalgette.
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Early morning travelling at some places in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia

Early morning travelling at some places in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia

Early morning travelling at some places in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia. It’s a new concrete road in New Phnom Penh to Excellency Chea Sophara road and to Fine Art school in New Phnom Penh.

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New Phnom Penh,
Russeykeo district,
Russeykep park,
Park along riverside,
Royal University of Phnom Penh,
University of Phnom Penh,
Walk along the riverside,
Street food in Phnom Penh,
Lifestyle at the riverside,
Lifestyle in Phnom Penh city,
Riverside Phnom Penh,
Phnom Penh riverside,
Exercise dancing,
Exercise dancing at park,
Exercise dancing at the riverside,
Exercise dancing in Phnom Penh,
Free the birds,
Birds in cage,
Birds in cage at the riverside,
Riverside park football,
Kingdom of Cambodia,
Phnom Penh city,
Football in Phnom Penh,
Preah Ang Dorng Kal,
Riverside Phnom Penh,
Royal Palace Phnom Penh,
Preah Ang Dorn Kal Phnom Penh,
Tourist destination,
Travel in Cambodia,
Stung Treng province,
Cambodia Kingdom of wonder,
Kizona bridge,
Kizona bridge in Kampong Cham,
Kampong Cham province,
Kratie province,
Souvenir at Kratie province,
Kampi resort,
Kampi resort Kratie,
Kratie Kampi resort,
Kratie province Cambodia,
Steung Treng province,
Stung Treng province,
Cambodia Lao border,
Travel in Stung Treng,
Stung Treng Cambodia,
Yaklom lake,
Boeung Yak Loam resort,
Boeung Yak Loam ratanakiri,
Yak Laom lake,
Cassava plantation,
Ratanakiri hill,
Cambodia travel,
Cambodia tours,
Cambodia travel & tour,
Travel in Cambodia,
Travel in Phnom Penh,
Yaklom lake,
Yaklom lodge,
Yaklom lake resort,
Yaklom resort,
Boeung Kanseng,
Kanseng lake,
Kanseng lake resort,
Ratanakiri province,
Banlung Town,
Boeung Kanseng lake,
Ratanak Phnom Svay hotel,
Kratie province,
Kratie town,
Kampong Cham province,
Kizona bridge,
Travel on Tuktuk,
Travel to Takmao Town,
Travel in Cambodia,
Cambodia-Japanese bridge,
Bakheng resort,
Mekong River,
Mekong River view,
small cottage at Prekleap,
Life of Fisherman,
Life of Khmer Fisherman,
Life of Cambodian Fisherman,
Fishing net,
Cambodia fishing net,
Net fishing in a deepwater rice field,
Net fishing by Khmer people,
Cambodia net fishing,
Net fishing in rice field,
Fishing with long fishing pole,
Net fishing in Phnom Penh,
Net fishing Mekong river,
Net fishing on boat,
Fishing Phnom Penh,
Fishing at Krang Thnong,
Cambodia Net Fishing,
Fishing near village,
Fishing at Kampong Speu,
Net fishing Cambodia,
Cambodia net fishing,
Khmer net fishing,
Net fishing Khmer,
Cambodia fishing,
fishing Cambodia,
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Dey Hoy Market,
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Cambodia fish,
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fishing at takeo,
fishing at takeo province,
fishing at kampong speu,
takeo fishing,
kampong speu fishing,
takeo net fishing,

Asian Travel - Visit Chroy Changva Bridge - Phnom Penh - Cambodia - Part 28

Asian Travel – Visit Chroy Changva Bridge – Phnom Penh – Cambodia – Part 28
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Chroy Changva Bridge (Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge)

Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge – It was constructed in 1966. During the war from 1973 to 1975 the Khmer Rouge forces mined twice to death in 1973. By 17th April 1975, all Phnom Penh citizens have been chased out of the city, by Khmer Rouge forces, to live and farm at the rural areas. Therefore, the bridge has been abandoned without taking care or repairing the damages from the war.

The provincial and municipal population came back to live in Phnom Penh after the liberation on 7th January 1979. The government started to recuperate the infrastructures in Phnom Penh that were damaged by the war and desertions. The government got the contribution of the Japanese government in 1995 to renovate Chroy Changvar Bridge in Phnom Penh and the Japanese engineers repaired it.

Apart from Chroy Changvar Bridge, Phnom Penh, tourists can also visit the nearby attractions such as the most beautiful two gardens as you see in this video, Ounalom Pagoda, Phnom Penh, Toul Sleng Genocidal Museum, Phnom Penh, Independence Monument, Phnom Penh, Wat Phnom Hill, Phnom Penh, Tuol Tompong Market, Phnom Penh, National Museum, Phnom Penh, Cheung Ek Killing Field, Phnom Penh, Riverfront Park, Phnom Penh, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh, Orussey Market, Phnom Penh, Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.
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