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CEOs: First jobs teach valuable lessons
When I arrived here from Cuba at age 15, I worked three and sometimes four jobs to support my brother and myself. I'd get up a 4 a.m. to go to school using public transportation. After that, I'd iron clothes at a dry cleaner, then wash cars at a car …
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Cuba police searching for stolen pickup
The vehicle is described as a white Ford F-150 pickup bearing Pennsylvania plate number yzc9382, according to a post on Cuba Police Department's Facebook page. Anyone with any information on this stolen truck is urged to contact the Cuba Police …
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7 Things to Know Before Travelling to Cuba
Vintage cars converted into taxis are everywhere in Havana, and as glamorous as that may seem, it is important to note that they are not retrofitted. Beware that most cars, both government and privately owned, will have no seat belts, no air …
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Cars in Cuba

A short video of an hour’s worth of cars. Video shot on a lovely Saturday morning in the small park across the street from the Martin Luther King Center in La Havana, Cuba – April 28, 2012

Centro Memorial Martin Luther King : The Martin Luther King Memorial Center (CMMLK) was founded in 1987 as a macro-ecumenical organization of Christian origin to promote socio-theological reflection, popular education, service to the community and the promotion of international solidarity. The Center organizes around the areas of social justice, peace, solidarity, and natural rights. Their community service projects center on housing, the elderly, popular communication and community development. The program of popular education seminars, workshops, and classes emphasize community organizing and development. In the religious community, the Center’s activities strengthen cooperation within Cuban and with the greater international community, and encourage a greater commitment to the social responsibility of the bible. CMMLK has worked with international organizations since its founding,, advancing relations with other centers, religious groups and NGOs from Latin America and the rest of the world, encouraging cooperation for development and ecumenical aid for the people and churches of Cuba. The Center also promotes international solidarity, collaborating with IFCO/Pastors for Peace against the US embargo, and hosting solidarity delegations from the US. Contact Information: Daisy Rojas, Centro Memorial Martin Luther King, Ave. 53 No. 9609 e/ 96 y 98 Marianao, Cuidad de Havana, Código Postal 11400; telephone:, 20.9741; fax:,

Cuba antique cars and sexy dance

Cuba under US embargo kept the cars of the fifties.
It did not cause them to stop dancing and singing
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Cuba Railfan Tour – Hershey Electric Railway 1920 Brill Cars

Cuba Railfan Tour - Hershey Electric Railway 1920 Brill Cars

A ride on the 1920 Brill electric railway cars of the Hershey Electric Railway in Cuba.
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They rumble down city boulevards and country roads across Cuba: 1950s Fords, Buicks and Pontiacs, some in mint condition, others on the verge of collapse.
But a new law regulating property ownership in Cuba could change that.
At the recent four-day summit of the country’s Communist Party, President Raul Castro announced that the legal framework allowing people to buy and sell cars and homes was in the “final stages.”
What will this mean to the average Cuban?
He didn’t provide details, but many Cubans hope it will be the end of half a century of restrictions. Under current law, they can only freely buy and sell cars that were on the road in Cuba before Fidel Castro’s 1959 Revolution.
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Latest Cuba Cars News

Tourists and Locals Alike Enjoy Vintage Cars in Cuba
Musicians from the Minnesota Orchestra traveled to Cuba this week to perform—but there's a different sound coming from the streets of Havana. One of the largest tourist attractions in Cuba is the vintage cars on the road. In fact, roughly 60,000 …

The Door Handles Of Cuba's Vintage Cars
You should check it out — there's a nice video about the decades-old Frankenstein cars Cubans depend on every day, and a photo gallery of car doors. Can you identify all the cars from their door handles? The Door Handles Of Cuba's Vintage Cars.
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Minnesota Orchestra performs first Cuba concert
The Minnesota Orchestra "killed it" at the first concert Friday night in Cuba, one observer said. comment. share · tweet · email. Print. more. Share on: Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest. Copy shortlink: Purchase: Order Reprint. May …
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Keeping the Old Cars Running In Cuba

Back in the 1980s I made this series for Ted Turner and Turner Broadcasting. A two-hour incredible special on Cuba. Turner wanted to put cable television there. I don’t know if he succeeded….

American Classic Cars in Havana Cuba – The Ultimate Survivors I visited Havana Cuba this year, and I recorded a lot of video of all those beautiful American Classic Cars driving around in Havana, Cuba. It is a car enthusiast…
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Many agree that the auction house Barrett-Jackson has its grips on some of the greatest collector cars in America. But there’s a large group of classic cars just 90 miles off the Florida coast…

Memories Varadero Resort CUBA 2014 Beach, Catamaran, Dolphins, Classic Cars

I’m The Guy That’s Done Everything and here’s some footage from my stay at the Memories Varadero Resort! We went in April of 2014 and had an amazing stay. We did the catamaran excursion,…

For our honeymoon we decided to visit Cuba together for the first time to relax at an all inclusive resort at Cayo Santa Maria with Air Canada Vacations. Samuel’s blog:…