Top 10 Documentary Films of 2015 ★ Best Documentary Films 2015 (HD) [Epic Lists]

Top 10 Documentary Films of 2015 ★ Best Documentary Films 2015 (HD) [Epic Lists]
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Top 10 Documentary Films!

Here are the Top 10 Documentary Films of 2015:

10. Dior and I, The Orchard
9. The Wolfpack, Magnolia Pictures
8. Iris, Magnolia Pictures
7. The Salt of the Earth, Sony Pictures Classics
6. Jerusalem, National Geographic Entertainment
5. Journey to the South Pacific, MacGillivray Freeman Films
4. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, Warner Bros
3. Hubble 3D, Warner Bros
2. Amy, A24
1. Monkey Kingdom, Walt Disney

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Top 10 Documentary Films:

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Havasupai Cliff Jumping 2015

Havasupai Cliff Jumping 2015

Music by Dane Chadwick

Drone footage by Nick Freed

Additional footage by
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April 30, 2012, High Definition [HD]. Around Rotary Beach Park and the old historic London Bridge located in Lake Havasu City Arizona (AZ).

Lake Havasu City Arizona, beach, swimming, boating, skateboarding, skate board park, boat rentals, lake havasu resorts, hotels, sights, video footage along the Colorado River, Mohave Desert scenery film, documentary, history historic district, The old London Bridge in Lake Havasu City AZ. There’s plenty of things to do in Lake Havasu.

Arizona Gold Prospecting, January 2015

Our last trip out this past January. We had really good material and ran it through our newly configured modern day “Long Tom”. 12ft of Gold Hog Mats and an all expanded metal sluice with miner’s moss at the end. We couldn’t get it all cleaned up but there’s a couple of shots of what I can expect when I do get to clean everything up. Visit our website at

How Oil are Drilled? – Drilling Documentary – DOCS CHANNEL

Drilling is a reducing procedure that utilizes a drill little bit to destroy or enlarge a gap of round cross-section in solid products. The drill bit is a rotary destroying device, typically multipoint. The little bit is pressed against the work surface and rotated at prices from hundreds to hundreds of transformations each minute. This compels the cutting side against the workpiece, cutting off chips (swarf) from the hole as it is pierced.

Remarkably, specially-shaped bits can reduce holes of non-circular cross-section; a square cross-section is possible

Drilling could influence the mechanical commercial properties of the work surface by producing low recurring stresses around the hole opening as well as an extremely thin layer of highly stressed and disrupted product on the freshly formed surface area. This creates the workpiece to come to be much more at risk to corrosion and fracture propagation at the worried surface area. A coating operation may be done to prevent these destructive conditions

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Britain’s Outlaws Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues BBC Documentary 2015

Britain’s Outlaws Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues 1 Knights of the Road The Highway BBC DOcumentary 2015
Few figures in British history have captured the popular imagination as much as the outlaw. From gentleman highwaymen, via swashbuckling pirates to elusive urban thieves and rogues, the brazen escapades and the flamboyance of the outlaw made them the antihero of their time – feared by the rich, admired by the poor and celebrated by writers and artists.
In this three-part series, historian Dr Sam Willis travels the open roads, the high seas and urban alleyways to explore Britain’s 17th- and 18th-century underworld of highwaymen, pirates and rogues, bringing the great age of the British outlaw vividly to life.
Sam shows that, far from being ‘outsiders’, outlaws were very much a product of their time, shaped by powerful national events. In each episode, he focuses not just on a particular type of outlaw, but a particular era – the series as a whole offers a chronological portrait of the changing face of crime in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Sam begins with the arrival of a new breed of gentleman criminal out of the ashes of the English Civil War – the highwayman. Heavily romanticised in literature, these glamorous gangsters became a social menace on the roads and a political thorn in the side of the creaking British state – threatening to steal our wallets and our hearts. But underneath the dashing image of stylish robbers on horseback lay a far darker reality.
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Donald Trump reveals his 2015 income

Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns but he released his financial disclosure form that says he earned 7 million last year. CNN’s Sunlen Serfaty reports.

An Idiot’s Guide to Politics: young adults disengaged from politics.BBC Documentary 2015

An Idiot’s Guide to Politics BBC Documentary 2015
An Idiot’s Guide to Politics 57:47 An Idiot’s Guide to Politics Season 1 Jolyon Rubinstein finds out why many young adults seem to be so disengaged from politics.

Bush v. Gore: The Endless Election (2015)

The 2000 election, the most controversial in history, is revisited with testimony from key players who helped decide the outcome after botched results. CNN Special Report – Bush vs. Gore: The Endless Election. November 2, 2015.

FREE FOR ALL! – One Dude’s Quest to Save Democracy! A documentary from 2008 by John Ennis uncovering misconducts and cheating in the US presidential elections.

Get involved at freeforall tv
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Inside The 2015 Vienna BOYLESQUE Festival – Documentary Jacques Patriaque with Curtis Ryan Woodside

Jacques Patriaque with Curtis Ryan Woodside BACKSTAGE! A new Documentary “Inside The 2015 Vienna BOYLESQUE Festival” taking you behind the scenes of the Final Night of the Festival, and a deeper insight into Jacques Patriaque’s Life.


For other CRW Productions:

© Woodside Films / CRW Productions 2015 / Jacques Patriaque
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50 Days Backpacking South East Asia (GoPro 2015)

An epic 50 day backpacking trip through South East Asia with Free & Easy Traveler!

Northern Thailand / Laos / Cambodia / Southern Thailand.

Everything filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Best if watched in HD!

* Pretty Lights – One Day They’ll Know (ODESZA Remix)
* ODESZA – Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant
* Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James – Summer Breeze
* Parov Stelar – The Sun ft. Graham Candy (d3ltron Remix)
* Parov Stelar – The Sun ft. Graham Candy (LCAW Remix)


Backsound: I lived – One Republic

Project Runaway 2014: Southeast Asia
Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam

Pandhu Waskitha Adiraharja (Route Leader)
Baihaqi Adam
Dimetrius Verdimas

Pandhu Waskitha & Ulfajri

Pandhu Waskitha
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