Philadelphia – The Mill Creek Documentary: Past, Present, & Future (Extended Trailer) 2013

The Mill Creek Community Partnership presents an Eli Lu Production: “The Mill Creek Documentary: Past, Present, & Future,” funded by the Preservation Alliance.

Mill Creek is a neighborhood located in West Philadelphia (PA).

Coming soon Nov. 2013.

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The Philadelphia Teleportation and Time Travel Experiments - Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski

2nd Underground Interview – Vladimir Terziski interviews the late Al Bielek in The Philadelphia teleportation and time travel experiments of the illuminati – May 1992.

American Academy of Dissident Sciences. This is the second interview of the series. Bielek discusses elements on the Montauk Project.

The Philadelphia teleportation technology, 1930 — 50, the next generation of illuminati space travel after the saucers, developed in the 1860 — 1920’s. Illuminati bankroll the rise of the Bolsheviks and Nazis to power and secretly transfer military technology to them. W. Reich’s sodomic mind control experiments in the US underground labs on “missing” (stolen) children, 1950’s.

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High on Dope ★ 03 Philadelphia ★ Documentary 2013

High on Dope ★ 03 Philadelphia ★ Documentary 2013

Diane Sawyer spent months inside one of the country’s most dangerous schools.
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Havasu Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 – “Floating Freedom” The Film

The 3rd annual Havasu Hot Air Balloon Festival made a great subject for me to practice my documentary making skills. Furthermore with everybody and their brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and the whole extended family there taking stills I was not inspired to be another “photographer” there taking photos of these balloons. My goal was to do something a little different, moving pictures! I didn’t want this to be another “guy with a video camera” type of movie. I envisioned something very beautiful and cinematic that carries the viewer away in to balloon dreamland. I believe I have come pretty close to achieving my vision.

This yeas marks the second time I have filmed the Balloon Festival and I was determined to get more of a story this time around. Last year I did have the rare privilege of going for a ride in a balloon and of course I that made for some good footage. I also was able to film several lovely shots with the balloons around town and on the lake last year but the story was still lacking in the finished video. More or less what I had when I was through was a collection of pretty shots set to music… good, but not great. That’s why this time around I made sure to get a couple interviews. The audio from the interviews is really what ties it all together. Without that I would have had the same struggle to tell a story this year as I did last.

I also made sure to use some great camera movements in my shots this year. Last year I was going handheld or on a tripod and for the most part the shot was rushed last year. This time I put in the extra hours to get those killer shots and it really paid off but it meant long days of packing a heavy load of gear around all by my self since I was shooting this solo. My day started shortly after 5 am and finished up a little after sunset for the duration of the 4 day 3 night balloon festival.

I had an awesome time getting to know some of the Pilots and Volunteers at the event. It was also great to see the entire community of Lake Havasu bustling with energy and excitement for the balloons. I tried to capture this positive impact on Lake Havasu in the film. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed.

DVD and BluRay of this film are available for purchase. DVD’s are and BluRay are Please contact us today to order.

Tech notes: Shot on a Canon 5D Mark3 and some on a GoPro3, With 50mm f1.4, and 24-105 f4. Shot in All-I @ 24fps and edited in Final Cut Pro. Some aliasing is visible in the YouTube compression of this film but the original footage has very little aliasing and noise. Even at high ISO (12000+) this camera delivers very usable footage.

Coconut Water At The Tirgan Festival 2013

Oscar,the coconut vendor was a hit with the Iranians and other other visitors to Tirgan Festival. They had a chance to drink fresh coconut water.

Ben Carson: Books, Biography, Doctor, Education, Health Care, Debt – Interview (2013)

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr. (born September 18, 1951) is an American author and retired neurosurgeon. He is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head. In 2008 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush. After delivering a widely publicized speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, he became a popular conservative figure in political media for his views on social and political issues, spurring talk of his becoming a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

Carson has written six bestselling[16] books published by Zondervan, an international Christian media and publishing company: Gifted Hands, Think Big, The Big Picture, Take the Risk, and America the Beautiful, and One Nation. The first book is an autobiography, and two are about his personal philosophies of success that incorporate hard work and a faith in God.

Carson’s book titled Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story was released by Zondervan in 1992.[17] A separate television movie with the same title premiered on TNT on February 7, 2009, with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the lead role and Kimberly Elise portraying his mother.[18]

On July 8, 2013, Carson joined The Washington Times as a weekly opinion columnist, and also writes for a digital magazine aimed at conservative African-Americans, called American CurrentSee.

Carson was the keynote speaker at the February 7, 2013, National Prayer Breakfast.[28] During his speech, Carson commented on several social and fiscal issues including political correctness, education, the national debt, health care, and taxation. On political correctness, Carson remarked: “PC is dangerous, because you see, this country, one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And it [PC] muffles people. It puts a muzzle on them.” On education, he compared current graduation rates with those 200 years ago: “In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville came to our country … anybody finishing the second grade was completely literate.” About healthcare: “Here’s my solution. When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account, to which money can be contributed, pretax from the time you are born, to the time you die. When you die, you can pass it on to your family members.” Carson spoke favorably of the flat tax system, which he prefers to call the Proportional Tax based on the biblical principle of the tithe.[29]

The speech was magnified because Carson’s views were generally interpreted to be politically conservative, and President Barack Obama was sitting 10 feet away. Conservative commentators from Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto of Fox News praised the speech as speaking “truth to power.” The Wall Street Journal had an op-ed titled “Ben Carson for President,” which stated that Carson “may not be politically correct, but he’s closer to correct than we’ve heard in years.” Columnist Star Parker wrote in a column that “Ben Carson owes no apology for honest talk.”[30] Fox News contributor Cal Thomas, however, opined that Carson’s remarks were inappropriate for the event and that he should apologize to President Obama.[31] Fox News pundit Bob Beckel also found Carson’s remarks inappropriate for the event, calling them “extreme right-wing talking points.”

In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Carson defended himself by saying, “Somebody has to be courageous enough to stand up to the bullies.” Carson appeared on the Fox News program Hannity on Friday, February 8, and was asked about a possible run for the White House. Carson responded: “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, I would.”

After the National Prayer Breakfast speech, Carson told ABC News: “I don’t think it was particularly political…. You know, I’m a physician. I like to diagnose things. And, you know, I’ve diagnosed some pretty, pretty significant issues that I think a lot of people resonate with.” Regarding the policies of President Obama, he said: “There are a number of policies that I don’t believe lead to the growth of our nation and don’t lead to the elevation of our nation. I don’t want to sit here and say all of his policies are bad. What I would like to see more often in this nation is an open and intelligent conversation, not people just casting aspersions at each other.”

Writing in National Review, Jonah Goldberg compared Carson to legendary African American leader Booker T. Washington.[36] Meanwhile, in The Atlantic, David Graham compared Carson to Herman Cain without the “personal skeletons.”
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Che Guevara Biography
Military Leader (1928–1967)
Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary allied with Fidel Castro who went on to become an iconic cultural hero.
Born in Rosario, Argentina, on June 14, 1928, Ernesto R. Guevara de la Serna studied medicine before traveling around South America, observing conditions that spurred his Marxist beliefs. He aided Fidel Castro in overturning the Cuban government and then worked in a political post. Guevara later engaged in guerrilla action in Bolivia, where he was killed. He’s revered by many as a cultural hero.
Meeting Fidel Castro
Revolutionary leader Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, better known as Che Guevara, was born on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina. After completing his medical studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Guevara first became politically active in his native Argentina and then in neighboring Bolivia and Guatemala. In 1954, he met Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro and his brother Raul while in Mexico.
Guevara became part of Fidel Castro’s efforts to overthrow the Batista government in Cuba. He served as a military advisor to Castro and led guerrilla troops in battles against Batista forces. When Castro took power in 1959, Guevara became in charge of La Cabaña Fortress prison. It is estimated that between 156 and 550 people were executed on Guevara’s extra-judicial orders during this time.
Rise to Power and Death
Later, he became president of the Cuban national bank and helped to shift the country’s trade relations from the United States to the Soviet Union. Three years later, he was appointed minister of industry. Guevara left this post in 1965 to export the ideas of Cuba’s revolution to other parts of the world. In 1966, he began to try to incite the people of Bolivia to rebel against their government, but had little success. With only a small guerrilla force to support his efforts, Guevara was captured and killed in La Higuera by the Bolivian army on October 9, 1967.
Since his death, Guevara has become a legendary political figure. His name is often equated with rebellion, revolution and socialism. Others, however, still remember that he could be ruthless and ordered prisoners executed without trial in Cuba. Guevara’s life continues to be a subject of great public interest and been explored and portrayed in numerous books and films, including The Motorcycle Diaries (2004).


Long Road Ahead by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Psychedelic Circus Festival 2013 – Sexy girl dancing – PACELAND

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Travelling Vietnam by motorbike filmed with a GoPro 3 in 2013

We bought 3 Honda Wins and drove the north to south track.
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Jennifer López – tribute to Celia Cruz (Live at American Music Awards 2013)

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An informative and wide ranging interview from the drum and bass duo most fundamental to the development of Jamaican music. They recall the impact of Cuban music on their music, and list some of the many international recording stars they have played with over the years.

Created by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell (Bob Marley, U2, Grace Jones etc.)
The Palm Channel will present some of the highlights from our catalogue, an eclectic mix of original short films, interviews from our archives exploring the roots and branches of Jamaican music, and much more.
Palm Pictures has always pushed musical boundaries and encouraged unlikely collaborations. Since the late 90’s it has been a leader in the convergence of music and film, producing and distributing music documentaries, arthouse & foreign cinema, and music videos.

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Satya Festival 2013 – by Groove Attack – The Official Aftermovie

Satya Festival 2013 - by Groove Attack - The Official Aftermovie

Satya Festival 2013 – by Groove Attack – The Official Aftermovie

Here is a recap of some of the precious moments we experienced during the epic and the first Satya Festival Edition event held in the South of Israel during 27-29/03/2013.

A true Psychedelic & Art Music Festival celebrating the love for music and nature alike.

We would like to thank the wonderful crowd that made this special event shine so bright. To all the domestic & international artists that presented their musical craft perfectly.

Satya Festival official Facebook Page:

Groove Attack official Facebook Page:

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Ben Kirschenbaum

2nd Camera by Shiran Granot
Sound by Ben Kirschenbaum & Noy Avitan

Loud – Perpetuum Mobile
Prometheus – Arcadia Magic
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psychological Effects
Mr. Rogers – Our Time
Electric Universe – The Prayer
Sonic Species – Generation X
Loud & Shulman – If
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