NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Clippers owner Donald Sterling

NBA commissioner Adam Silver holds a press conference to discuss Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks.
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23 Responses to NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Clippers owner Donald Sterling

  • White people cant help it its in their blood to be racist. Its been passed
    down threw DNA.

    Trust me sterlling will get a slap on the wrist and the black players will
    get another wake up call for the ump teenth time showing them what
    ameriKKKa thinks about black ppl. Trayvon Martin was another slap in the

  • Glad were still in America were we can still call a nigger a nigger!!

  • strerling is such an idiot. he should be fired from the nba and not allowed
    to attend any nba game. had it been with david stern he would have been
    fired immidiately

  • I suggest a powerful read; the book is titled The Iceman Inheritance by
    Michael Bradley.

    Whites were once slaves, and the rulers were blacks. Racism is more about
    power, than it is anything. I believe a lot of white people believe in
    Manifest Destiny. That being said, there are a lot of successful black
    racist as well.

    Are we protected in our homes? Does the Constitution protect Donald
    Sterling? Yes!!! He made the comments under the guise of privacy right?
    We all already have public record on him. The girl is no hero, and lets
    get that straight! Black people going to those Clipper games deserve to
    know how he feels, and they should boycott until he sell the team.

  • He never looked at previous involvements of racism, what are stupid or
    trying to play stupid? What do they do when it’s a player that gets into
    trouble, the first thing check their history and then make a judgement.
    However apparently if you have money, you can say whatever you want and
    nothing will happen. They had a chance to make a statement and didn’t
    because they are technically underneath the owners as a commissioner,
    someone needs to speak up. Please put pressure on other owners to take
    action, they are the only one’s who can force something to happen. 

  • And yet we call Muslims terrorists every day right? And that’s fine? Smh

  • If basketball didn’t exist what would blacks do? Welfare and foodstamps and
    having sex in the hood!!

  • Most blacks just take and take and take and drain the system. You can have
    an all black school but if you have white achievement then its considered

  • If you listen to the recording he said he didn’t want his wife with her. He
    never said anything about black people not allowed at the game on they’re
    own. Also he can do what ever he wants it’s his team. 

  • Is this Sam Druckers kid??

  • fuck donald sterling!

  • Really only can’t go to just one game, he should be forced into selling and
    that’s putting it nicely. I believe he should forfeit rights to the team,
    but selling will give money back to this prejudice man. Maybe a different
    commissioner but the same sorry a** response.

  • What most people don’t understand it Sterling is NOT white, he’s a JEW who
    hates whites just as much as he hates blacks. Majority of Jews believe
    they are the only real humans and everyone else is cattle only on this
    planet to serve them.

    Adam Silver is another Jew who will NOT come down harsh on his fellow Jew.
    The Jewish media intentionally cut out the clip at the part where Sterling
    mentions his Jewish race.

    Jews are less than 2% of the population but they are at the head of ALL
    important positions in society through ethnic racist discriminatory

  • The NBA has known he’s a racist for 10 years,the NAAC was about to give him
    a award.the NBA was fine with a racist bring in tons of cash,now he’s evil
    in the NBA’s eyes.there are no better than he is

  • Mrmark you a bitch nigga mother fuckers always talking about how African
    Americans take and take don’t forget how your bitch ass ancestors stole our
    ancestors from their home and forced them into labor or how they took the
    lives of millions because of the color of their skin if we riot in this
    bitch I guarantee I’m coming for every fuck boy like you fuck racism and
    fuck your mother bitch nigga

  • Lets not for get what they did to us fuck peace 

  • The title “Black Money” sounds very very racist!!

  • Blacks build a bad reputation in our society. They build a poor reputation
    of being loud, verbally combative, and quick to violence when they don’t
    get their way. Of course you can blame the white man and slavery as the
    reason that people of ALL RACES develop a poor opinion of blacks based on
    witnessing and experiencing their poor behavior.

  • come on guys, (and I don’t mean anyone specific), lets not add to the
    racism by calling out any one through generalizations

  • I don’t want a NIGGER in my house now i have to sell it? I don’t like

  • If you listen to the tape she is the one who brings up skin color, not
    Sterling. And any comment he made, after the fact, could very well be
    misunderstood on her part as sarcasm/jealousy between two individuals
    having a PRIVATE conversation.

    This is nothing more than just a young dumb gold-digging whore looking for
    that TMZ paycheck.

  • Its time to start snap n white America have no respect for Black’
    matter what we do good it’s not enough for white America. and the NBA make
    millions off Black’s we need to do us are skin seems to be a problem they
    been doing are people wrong for ever I love people most of all i love
    basketball that man with his old ass make me want to hurt someone!!!!!!!

  • I think I know why this mofo can’t make it on Wall Street. Or med school.
    Or Broadway.

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