Coming Home – Cuba – Documentary [teaser trailer #1]

This is not the official trailer for Coming Home but is the official teaser for the upcoming trailer and film. Coming Home is a documentary film about DJ EFN and GARCIA; two Cuban-American Hip Hop artist and friends going to the island nation of Cuba for the first time. The film follows them as they experience the country of their ancestors which has long been tabu for Cuban-Americans to visit the island. While on the island the two seek out and find Cuba’s Hip Hop scene.

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Produced by: Crazy Hood Film Academy

From Executive Producer: DJ EFN

Directed by: Garcia

Edited by: Garcia

Art Direction: Eduardo F Angel

Produced by: Albert Varas

Co-Produced by:

Henry Herrera
Eric Vasquez

Camera Crew:

Eduardo F Angel
Eric Vasquez


Big Drain
Charles Ribeiro
Eduardo F. Angel
Eric Vasquez

Special thanks to:

Danay Suarez
Dania Fernandez
Amoury ‘El Zombie’
Doble Filo
Silvito El Libre
Papa Umbertico
El Discipulo
Indiana Romero
David de Omni Zona Franca
Real 70 Studios
M1 of Dead Prez
Thirston Howl III
Miami Beat Wave
Inked Pro
Mercedes Arenado of America’s Cuba Travel Agency
Cynthia MacGregor

Thanks to:

Doctor J
Liberty Lane Productions
Hazardis Soundz
Amy Carroll
Jorge Quijano
Amy Jean
Danny Peña
Sal Bednarz
Rob RL Morales
Elizabeth Martinez
Andreas Strobel
Sean Pajot
Tony Martinez
Chris Valdes
Seth Brimstone Schere
Renatta Delgado
Julio A.
Frank Hernandez
Chuck Bryant
Susy Toledo
Natalie Rodriguez
Anthony Uribe
Vincent Stoessel
Robert Benito
Peter Toledo
Mercedes Arenado
Anita’s Dream
Seymour Banks
Melissa Revuelta
Tony Rubino
Connie Herrera
Maria del Carmen & Pupy Gonzalez
Oski Gonzalez
Level of Alukard
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Video Production Info:
World Record Paddle Board Event, Marina Hemingway:
Video Rating: / 5

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