Wim Hof a.k.a. The Ice Man, Science Breakthrough! 19 April 2011

Breaking NEWS ! A well deserved scientific breakthrough by mister Wim Hof alias ‘ The Ice Man ‘. Check this out ! Dutch Medical Scientists astonished ! Broadcasted on Tuesday 19 April 2011…

Batman doesn’t really have bad days, but he definitely has bad nights… Written and directed Junaid Chundrigar Davor Bujakovic Animation, Cleanup and Color by Davor Bujakovic Junaid Chundrigar…

Stan performs “Zion” @ Blankets and Wine 35

After almost a decade of jumping in and out of studios without really finding what he was looking for, Stan M. Nganga, a Nairobi born multi talented musician who was raised by a single hardworking…

Strange Frame Trailer

Official Selection: Sci-Fi London, DragonCon, and Stan Lee’s Comikaze Strange Frame is out on DVD/VOD in the States on everything Xbox, Playstation, iTunes, Ruku, Vudu, YouTube, Amazon, etc….
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The Hulk’s History: From His Origin to The Avengers!

Subscribe to Variant: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=variantcomics To celebrate the release of the Avengers on Blu-Ray, Arris breaks down one of his all-time favorite character.
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Quem é Stan Lee

Videocast sobre o criador de personagens da Marvel comics, Stan Lee. Videocast produzido pelo professor Samir Lahoud.
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[FULL PLAYLIST] League of Legends World Championship Music 2014 [LCS Season 5 Songs|LCS Music]

OPEN THE DESCRIPTION FOR THE SONGS AND THE TIMERS! ENJOY 😀 Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Yoav Goren – Skull and Crossbones 0:00 Alexei Misoul, Dan Book, Scott Stallone, Stan Hope, …

Stan Lee Q & A at Fan Expo Part 2: Cameos, Ant-Man Movie, Deadpool

http://myetvmedia.com/feature/events/stan-lee-at-fan-expo-2012/ This man is so FUNNY! Stan Lee born Dec. 28th, 1922 is the original creator of Spiderman. Stan Lee is an American comic book…
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Jeffrey Lee Pierce by the Infrared Radiation Orchestra

Infrared Radiation Orchestra’s tribute to the late, great Jeffrey Lee Pierce (June 27, 1958 – March 31, 1996) from their 2009 CD release “9 Great Rock’n’Roll Hits” on Jargon. Music & Lyrics…

When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are forever changed by cosmic rays: Reed Richards, inventor and leader of the group gains the ability to stretch his body and takes…

Korrina Rico arrives at ‘With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story’ film Premiere

Korrina Rico arrives at ‘With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story’ film Premiere on april 19, 2012 at iPic/Gold Class Cinemas Theaters in Pasadena, California, United States.
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Denny O’Neil tells his stories of starting out in comics and working for Stan Lee at Marvel in the silver age of comics. For more videos go to http://thecomicarchive.com.
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Stan Lee Origin of Iron Man

Iron Man is a fictional comic book superhero who appears in books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed…

PREDATOR 2 – Making the Predator Suit – Part One

SUBSCRIBE to SWSCA on YouTube: http://bit.ly/Zp70T4 Predator 2 “Behind the scenes” at Stan Winston Studio FULL STORY here: …
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Spider-Man And Superman arrived at Kapow! Comic Con to meet their heroes Frank Quitely and Joe Quesada. More Superman cosplay http://youtu.be/4YVkC4pJUVY Captain America …
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