Revolución de Cuba | Manchester Launch

Highlights from Manchester’s Revolución De Cuba Launch Night. 12th October 2012.
Featuring Palenke, La Tinto Brothers, Lauren Housley, Sam Parry, Batala and lots more!
Filmed by Ben Herbert, Thomas White and Steve Pycroft.
Edited by Steve Pycroft
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It has been 60 years since the Cuban Revolution which eventually toppled a US-backed dictatorship. It marked a turning point, not only for the island, but all of Latin America, where anti-Washington sentiments have grown ever since. Gayane Chichyakyan looks at exactly what has been alienating the people on the United States’ doorstep.


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PART 5/8; Canciones e Imagenes de Cuba en los 50s.El Bodeguero:Richard Egues/Orquesta Aragon ;
Echale Salsita/Ignacio Pineiro ;Nadie Baila como Yo/Roberto Faz:;La Bayamesa de Sindo Garay/Cachao
Brujo de Guanabacoa /Marcelino Guerra y Mario Bauza.
Peliculas de bodegas,supermercados;show de tropicana
Universidad de la Habana;Anuncios de la epoca….

Pedrito Martinez Group – Que Palo (Live).mp4

Pedrito Martinez Group -  Que Palo  (Live).mp4

Agrupación Cubano- Latina residente en USA.
Pedro Pablo “Pedrito” Martinez was born in Havana, Cuba, Sept 12, 1973. He began his musical career at the age of 11, performing as vocalist and percussionist with such Cuban legends as Tata Guines and Munequitos de Matanzas. He was brought to Canada in 1998, by Jane Bunnett, to tour with her group, Spirits of Havana. His decision to remain in North America to pursue his career, proved to be an auspicious one when, two years later, the annual Thelonious Monk Institute Competition showcased Afro-Latin Hand Drumming for the first time ever. Pedro entered and won first place.

Since settling in New York City in 2,000, Pedrito has performed, recorded, and/or toured with Paquito D’Rivera; Brian Lynch; Steve Turre; Me’shell Ndege’Ocello; Eddie Palmieri; Bill Summers and Los Hombres Calientes; Arturo “Chico” O’Farrill; Stefon Harris; Bebo Valdés; Cassandra Wilson; Joe Lovano, and Sting, (for his rainforest benefit, with Elton John and Bruce Springsteen). Pedro was also featured in 2,000, in the documentary film on Cuban music, Calle 54.

Mr. Martínez was a founding member of the highly successful, Afro-Cuban/Afro-Beat band,Yerba Buena with which he recorded two albums and toured the world opening for the Dave Matthews Band, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

Pedrito has also lent his talents to over one hundred records, including albums by Paquito d’Rivera, Issac Delgado, Eliane Elias, Stefon Harris, Steve Turre, Eddie Palmieri, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Conrad Herwig , Edie Brickell and many others. These include six records that have been Grammy® nominated and one, a collaboration between Eddie Palmieri and Brian Lynch, called “Simpatico”, that was awarded a Grammy®.

The Pedrito Martinez Group has its roots planted firmly in the Afro-Cuban rumba tradition and in the bata rhythms and vocal chants of the music of Yoruba and Santeria. With its formation in 2008, the group has developed into an extraordinarily tight and musically creative unit. With a home base gig in Midtown Manhattan the group has built a fan base that includes Steve Gadd, Dave Weckel, Anton Fig, Steve Jordan Taj Mahal, John Scofield, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Zigaboo Modeliste, Wynton Marsalis, Derek Trucks, and Herlin Riley.

Pedro “Pedrito” Martinez, from Havana, on percussion and vocals; percussionist, Jhair Sala, from Lima, Peru; electric bassist, Alvaro Benavides, from Caracas, Venezuela; and Ariacne Trujillo keyboard player/vocalist, from Havana, Cuba.
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Cuba Libre – The best coub | Лучшие кубы за 2015 год

Cuba Libre - The best coub |  Лучшие кубы за 2015 год

Выпуск #2015
1. Road to Hogwarts (
2. Hidaway Squid (
3. Take me to church (
4. Man in White (
5. Summer fun (
6. ДТП Тула Симпсоны (
7. Conan & Rose the Destroyer (
8. _ (
9. Taylor Swift vs Cat (
10. Dancing like a god (
11. Черный ящик 2 (
12. Everybody Fucking Jump (
13. Name That Tune (
14. Unexpected Lebowski (
15. The Matrix Moonwalk (
16. The Cutest (
17. 13 – Hair Trick – 13 (
18. Need For Speed. (
19. ᅠᅠ(
20. 8″ (
21. Hardworking (
22. Snoop Dogs (
23. Mortal Kombat – Brotality (анимация: VolF Maple) (
24. The least comfortable controller ever, Carl! (
25. Music generations (
26. Unexpected Journey (
27. Боевой робот (
28. You’ll Follow Me Down (
29. Mom, I can not stop! (
30. African DnB Fan (
31. doh doh doh doh (
32. Power of Cat (
33. Shurik (
34. A Telegram From Aunt Vera (
35. Save like Neuer! (
36. Fucking Trombone Solo (
37. Smells Like Teen Shovel (
38. don’t hurt me (
39. Миниатюра: Путин и стул (
40. Что там у человека в голове (
41. Обычный День в Пензе (
42. Собеседование в крупной компании (
43. Sweet Yakubovich (
44. Like a Boss (
45. Obama vs Dog (
46. Hello (
47. A Little Secret (
48. Kefir fiction (
49. Language barrier (
50. Пока Не Поздно (
51. Umbrella Fail Queen Edition (
52. I (
53. Вопрос наличия головы (
54. I love weather forecasts! (
55. WTF (
56. Draw Me Like One of Your Derpy Girls (Original Art) (
57. There is no bathroom! (
58. Нео и ириски (
59. Life is a fight (
60. Surprise (
61. Машина против ТП (
62. Let it snow! (
63. adult rock (
64. The Matrix has you… (
65. Criminal Irony (
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TRAILER: Olazábal: Un hacedor de objetos / A Maker of Objects (Cuba 2015)

Olazábal: Un hacedor de objetos / A Maker of Objects (Cuba 2015), ca. 34 minutes with subtitles in English. Direction and production by Juanamaría Cordones-Cook. Comment: Nurtured by spiritual traditions of the Yoruba culture, multimedia artist Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal (Havana 1955) establishes an intense and constant aesthetic dialogue with the divinities of the Ifá Orisha religion. Through unique symbols, rituals, and mysteries, his work expresses the profound grief of his African ancestors. In this documentary, Rodríguez Olazábal shares his thoughts about his personal and artistic development, visits his childhood neighborhood and meets with old friends. He also draws in charcoal human figures that he effectively complements with vibrant primary colors. The film displays a wide range of his bidimensional and tridimensional oeuvres including his recent exhibit at Galería Habana, “Palabras” (2014-2015). The documentary is enriched by remarks of outstanding personalities of the Cuban art scene, curator Gretchen Lima Molina, gallerist Luis Miret and art critics Hilda María Rodríguez and Yolanda Wood.

Naked in Cuba Documentary Clip 5 of 6

In March 2000, Irish artist Ramie Leahy left his home in Kilkenny to go to Cuba to paint nudes. Accompanying him on his journey was the director Kevin Hughes, who followed Leahy for a year and a half as he travelled around in search of some truth about living his life in the context of all the history surrounding him.
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Cuba Swift “Backyard Party!” Documentary

Behind the scenes of the #1 Music Video climbing the American charts, soon to go International. Cuba Swift is at it again.
Produced and Directed by Milo Levell and TRB Enterntainment.

Maestro Frank Fernandez Biography (English)

Maestro Frank Fernandez Biography (English)

Biography of Maestro Frank Fernandez – Tamayo in English. Cuban pianist from Mayari, Cuba.
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